Snell's Comments Illustrate Players' Feelings

Florida offensive guard Shannon Snell made it clear he wasn't happy about Saturday's officiating....

Clearly, as a result of fan reactions and instant replays, several of the calls during Saturday's game (including five negated fumbles which appeared to be successfully recovered by the Gators) were extremely questionable. Here is a complete transcript of Florida offensive guard Shannon Snell's post-game reaction to the calls….Make of them what you will…

"This is the biggest piece of bull---- I've ever seen in my entire life. Coach Zook told us to be cordial, but the way that game was called is bull----. They took five fumbles away from us that should have been ours. I have a newfound respect for SEC officiating. In the ACC you would think they would know what they were doing."

"They need to bring in some refs from another conference. This was definitely a bias game. Anybody could have seen that. I could understand once or twice. But it happened at least five times. That's bull----. They took the game away from us. There's nothing Florida State could have done about it, but the officiating was absolutely [terrible]."

"Florida state – I give them credit – they played hard. But the refs took away four or five legit fumbles. That's what I'm so pissed about. The game shouldn't be decided by the refs."

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