Nation's #2 Tight End Names 2 Leaders

TE prospect Rory Nicol has been on one heck of a trip the last few weeks. He went on visits to Pitt, Florida, Georgia Tech, and Ohio State all in the span of about 11 days. He was scheduled to continue that torrid pace with a visit to Virginia on December 12th. Did he make it?

"I cancelled my last trip to Virginia because all of this was getting a little overwhelming. I've been gone so much, and it was just a lot to deal with. I've seen Virginia before anyhow, so I know what it's all about," Rory Nicol said.

Which visit was his favorite?

"Ohio State was probably the most fun of all of them. They have a ton of talent, and I really got the family feeling from them."

What about his other trips?

Florida: "It was probably 2nd on my list. It was a lot of fun, and I really think they are a program on the rise. Coach Zook is really a players coach."

Georgia Tech: "It was fun. It's just a different kind of school than the others. Maybe it's the city atmosphere or something. I can't really pinpoint what it was, but I didn't get that feeling like I got from Florida and Ohio State."

Pittsburgh: "They will be in it till the day I decide. I've seen them so much, so nothing really suprised me. They are close to home."

Rory enjoyed Gainesville and Columbus the most. Are the Gators and Buckeyes now the leaders?

"Yeah, they are my top two. Ohio State is just my style of offense, but Florida is a better situation for me at tightend. Hartsock is alot like me, because I'm thought of as a great blocker. Ben Troupe is leaving Florida so that opens a spot for me, but he is more of a pass catcher and someone who stretches the field than I am. A Tightend on a Linebacker is thought of as an advantage, but a tightend on a safety is not supposed to be, and Troupe could do just that."

Is distance a factor in the decision?

"Not really. My dad works for the airline, so they can fly for free anytime they want. I look at Ohio State as a 3 hour drive, and Florida as a 3 hour flight."

When will Rory announce his final plans?

"Either this week or next week probably. I definitely want to do it before Christmas."

Another blue chip prospect looks to be off the board before 2004. Nicol is an outstanding player and individual to talk with. He will make one of his favorites extremely happy.

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