Dudley Re-shuffles Visits

Running back Reshard Dudley has set up four visits. A new team has entered the picture and will he trip to Florida?

One of the South's top running backs has now set up four official visits. Reshard Dudley, from Marianna (Fla.) High School, is deciding who gets his fifth visit.

"I will visit LSU (12-1), Georgia (12-7), Florida (1-18) and Miami (1-25)," said Dudley. "My last visit will go to Florida State or Tennessee. Right now, I do not have a leader and things are wide open. Miami has now entered the picture."

Dudley, 5-10 and 210 pounds, broke his ankle early during his senior campaign. He is still on crutches and won't be able to start rehabilitation for at least another month. Dudley attended the Arkansas/Georgia game a few weeks ago.

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