UF Class Breakdown - LB

If there was one negative about Florida's recruiting class was that they didn't sign three linebackers. But they did ink two good ones in <B>Brandon Siler </B> and <B>Javier Estopinan</B>.

Florida signed two linebacker prospects with terrific upside. Brandon Siler is truly one of the best athletes from the state of Florida. Siler has played a variety of positions for his high school team, Orlando Evans, from wide receiver to safety to linebacker. He is nowhere near his potential and has an incredibly bright future in Gainesville if he does the right things. Siler is smart, strong and boy can he run. At the Nike Camp at UF last spring he was un-guardable as a wide receiver in the one on one drills and guys like Tony Carter and Kyle Jackson were there. There he displayed he speed and athleticism.

The other linebacker UF signed was Javier Estopinan from South Miami High School. Florida won over Ohio State for him. Estopinan is also the state wrestling camp and may be the toughest player among UF's signees. Wrestling has made him a better player and this kid is a real warrior in every sense of the word. Look for Estopinan to play middle linebacker and Siler to play on the outside.

Javier Estopinan
What his coach said?
"Javier came to us as a tight end," said Head Coach Joe Mira. "Then he played outside linebacker and then moved to the inside. That's (MLB) his true calling. Javier has tremendous toughness and size. Wrestling really help develop his game because it taught him about one on one combat and the use of leverage. Javier has a tremendous discipline and work ethic."

The Stats
Estopinan recorded 150 tackles, 4 sacks, 10 tackles for a loss and had two interceptions for touchdowns as a senior.

Brandon Siler
What his coach said?
"Brandon had an outstanding career for us," said Head Coach Max Percel. "He is a mult-talented player that did everything for us including long snap. Brandon is also a great leader and a great kid. He is a super academic kid too."

The Stats
Siler recorded 197 tackles, 5 sacks, four interceptions, and four fumbles recoveries as a senior. He also rushed the ball 65 times for 565 yards.

My Take?
These two are different style players but the end result should be the same. Estopinan brings toughness and leadership while Siler brings athleticism and leadership. These two are great gets but Florida needed and wanted to sign three. So if there is one need that wasn't fully met it was this position. This is the only negative about UF's recruiting class right now.

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