Q&A With Wide Receiver

I caught up with sophomore Wide Receiver Dallas Baker on campus this week. Baker, who had 13 receptions for 209 yards (16.1 avg) and a touchdown in 2003, answered a few questions for Fightingators.com

FightinGators. With the departures of Carlos Perez, Kelvin Kight, and Ben Troupe, do you see the WR scheme changing for 2004?

Dallas Baker. "Honestly, I don't see it changing too much. We will still be running plenty of three-to-four wide sets with the TE not being such a factor."

FG. Have you heard anything about the recruits, Derrick McPhearson or Mike McIntosh?

DB. "I haven't been told of anything with them."

FG. What has been you conditioning focal point during this off season. You have the size, and the jump so what have you been focusing on?

DB. "I have always had the ability to go up and make plays. My main thing has been improving my confidence. I really want to go out and get the coaches to believe in me."

FG. You are sent deep on a fly route in the fourth quarter in a big time situation. Name three people you don't want covering you.

DB. "None of the college cornerbacks really intimidate me. I'd have to go to the NFL with Champ Bailey, Charles Woodson, and Jarvis Herring [laughing]. I'm just kidding on the last one."

FG. One word association

Zook- "Energy" 
Receivers coach Dixon- "Good coach." 
Fedora- "Great coach" 
2003 Florida Football- [Delay] "Blank and Promise" 
2004 Florida Football- "National Championship"

FG. What are your team expectations for this season?

DB. "It really is a Southeastern Conference Championship. Atlanta or bust baby."

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