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Is Chris Leak ready for spring ball and this fall? How has Andre Caldwell's off-season been? Is there one running back to watch out for? Here are some questions answered in this week's edition of Ack's Insights.

It is Spring Break for the University of Florida and the football team and staff are enjoying some time off. The coaches will spend most of the week with their families in Key West. This coaches gathering is a way for the families and the coaches to recharge their batteries after the season and recruiting while continuing the continuity of the staff. Most Coaches will get away with their families in June for a week in July. Beginning next week it's spring practice then spring recruiting and then Gator Youth football camps until l the middle of June.

One player who won't be taking anytime off is Chris Leak. His plans for spring break are to watch some more tape and get ready for March 16th. He really is amazing and probably has a key to the video room inside UF's offices. At a recent media gathering Leak pointed out that he has watched a lot of tape on third down plays looking to see what opportunities presented themselves last season. UF must be better on third down this season and that will fall directly on Leak's ability to make plays. If the receivers do their part expect Leak to take more chances this fall on third down with balls down the field, especially in the middle.

Snippetts and Tidbits
Here is the practice schedule for spring. All days are subject to change and look for Saturday's to be heavy scrimmage days.

Tuesday March 16
Friday March 19
Saturday March 20
Monday March 22
Wednesday March 24
Friday March 26
Saturday March 27
Monday March 29
Wednesday March 31
Thursday April 1
Saturday April 3
Monday April 5t
Wednesday April
Friday April 9
Saturday April 10 with the Spring Game at 1pm

Remember when practice is open to the public during the week you must stand at all times. The best time to sit and enjoy will be Saturday scrimmages in the Swamp. Gator signee, quarterback Cornelius Ingram, has led his team to the state basketball final in Lakeland this week. While he may be red-shirted in football this season, he may be able to find a role on the Gator Basketball team.

Chris Leak said he expects to face his brother CJ when they face the Vols in September. He said he always dreamed of playing with his brother when they were younger but never against them.

Andre Caldwell's work ethic is catching the attention of some inside the program. He looks to be ready to fulfill the potential that UF hoped he would have when he was signed two years ago.

Keep an eye on Jimtavis Walker at running back. While he starts third on the depth chart he is a very shifty, powerful back that runs well between the tackles.

One more to watch in the Spring is Terrence Holmes. He tests really well in the weight room and on the clock and coaches think new secondary coach Dan Disch can develop his aggressiveness.

Basketball Notes
The Gators, despite getting routed by Kentucky, earned the number two seed in the SEC Tournament. UF's likely opponent is Alabama, one of the hotter teams in the SEC right now. But do not discount Tennessee, with Scooter McFadgon, pulling the trigger. UF's loss certainly disclosed three glaring problems –
1) Rebounding
2) Turnovers
3) Transition defense

In the short term the solution is simple. UF actually out rebounded Kentucky last time in Gainesville and have held their own down the stretch in their four game run. They were grossly out rebounded for much of the South Carolina game before switching into some man and matchup zone down the stretch. Donovan may want to add some press and some man to man in matchups against better quality opponents. That could come Saturday against Mississippi State but they dominated the press last time out. UF's turnovers caused Kentucky to get 17 first half points and largely because Anthony Roberson was in foul trouble. When Roberson got into the game in the second half he looked to score almost exclusively. He must keep everyone involved from the get go. Finally UF must shoot a higher percentage and the guards must not get caught in too low after long shots. All is not lost as Kentucky is a top ten team that has not allowed a team to shoot 50% all season. Other than the SEC tournament if UF faces a team of Kentucky's caliber it will have made it to at least the Sweet 16 and that would be a major accomplishment. I think UF is headed to a six seed and possibly Saturday in the SEC tournament. Billy will take the team over late on Thursday afternoon and to the Tennessee vs Alabama game Thursday night. The key for UF breaking the streak to Kentucky, especially in Lexington, is to make sure the next UK Senior Day UF has it's own seniors Walsh, Roberson and Moss on the court. Donovan must keep this core of players together while sprinkling in some physical role players. UF is 1-1 vs Alabama in the SEC tournament under Donovan and have never faced Tennessee in the tournament.

Stat of the Week: 3
3 - the number of appearance in the SEC tournament title game 1934, 1989 and 1994

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