Joe Cohen Q&A

With the first day of practice in the books, the young UF team was filled with position changes. Gator Nation has been looking forward to the switch of much heralded FB turned DE <b>Joe Cohen</b>. Joe took some time after practice to talk about his weight, the position change and his good old friend Reggie Nelson.

FightinGators: At fullback you kept your weight down. So with the switch, what are you weighing in at right now?
Joe Cohen: "Thanks to Coach Glass, I'm weighing in at 273. I would like to play at 275."

FG: How has the move to DE been for you?
JC: "I really got my feet set at DE in high school. It's not too much of an adjustment. I am just really working on my technique this spring." 

FG: What prompted you to switch?
JC: "Endurance and playing time. I felt that I could last a lot longer and contribute more on the defensive side of the ball." 

FG: How was the weight issue at both positions?
JC. "I ain't never eat a salad until I got to Gainesville and started up on offense. I love my junk food so it was hard for me to lay off it. As soon as I made my mind up last year to go to defense, I went to Wendy's and had a Super-Size value meal." 

FG: Has rooming with Tranell Morant helped?
JC. [Laughing] "Yeah it has. All he does is eat pizzas. Him playing DE helps me a lot too.

FG: Any truth to the fact that your mom called Coach Zook for the position change?
JC. "It's funny because they are a good pair. Coach will talk to my mom before he talks to me, but yeah she did call him after we agreed on it." 

FG: How did you spend your spring break?
JC: "Spring break was great. I got to be back home and hang out with my daughter." 

FG: Did you see Reggie when you were down there?
JC: "Nope, Reggie is back in Kansas, but we have spoken. In fact, I am picking him up tonight at the Gainesville airport." 

FG: What brings Reggie to Gainesville?
JC: "He is going to be here for a day or 2. He loves it here and wants to hang out for a little. 

FG: What has been the team's reaction to Reggie?
JC: "The team loves him! We all talk about him during defensive and team meetings. What's crazy is that everyone loved him as a recruit. He has put on 20 pounds since he has been over at Coffeyville and he is going to be great when he gets here."

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