There is no "I" in team

Florida hits the field in day one of spring practice. The motto in Gainesville is "team, team, team."

Gator Freshman defensive end Jarvis Moss said it best.

"Coach Zook basically just wants us to be a team. He knows that's the only way we'll be successful is if we put the team before ourselves. He just tells us ‘if we reach our team goals, then everybody will reach their goals individually'. I feel like we as a team need to take it a day at a time and get better…get in our playbooks and learn our plays."

"I went into the locker room, and I was saying ‘do I even know my name?' (laughter), said Sophomore Linebacker Channing Crowder, after noticing that everyone's jersey had the word "TEAM" written on the back.

So, it's real simple: play as a team and not an individual.

Coach Zook said that his number one concern is to continue to improve and continue to get better. "Our whole theme has got to be that we can be the best we can be. If we're the best we can be as a football team, and play as a team, then the rest will take care of itself."

And, as young team, it can only get better with experience.

"I've said it many, many times that in today's society it's hard to have a team because that's just the way it is," said Coach Zook, adding that, "we turned a corner, and became a team, and just be the best we can be. And, to do that we have to be a team."

"Me hitting you makes me better. You hitting me makes the team better," said Crowder. "Coach Zook feels that way and I feel that way too. You can have all the accolades in the world. But the fact of the matter is you have to win games."

Lots of Talent at WR
Zook – "There is talent at the wide receiver positions. And, I think two years ago there was a question mark. This year is just a matter of having a lot of guys that can play, and they'll all end up playing. "

Leak in a rhythm
Quarterback Chris Leak looked sharp in day one of spring practice. Leak, a sophomore, worked this off-season with some former Gators. "I threw with Jabar (Gaffney) and Reche (Caldwell). It's always good to play with former Gators. I also feel very comfortable out there. It's a lot easier to get into rhythm now than it was last fall."

Missing in action
For some unknown reason red-shirt freshman linebacker Howard Linguard was a no-show at practice and coach Zook didn't have an explanation as to why he wasn't there.

Otto Graham a Gator?
No, not the Hall of Fame QB from the Cleveland Browns. Tight end, Otto Graham, from St. Petersburg, Florida, dressed in jersey No. 82 today. He appears to be a walk-on. Graham is 6-3 and 240 pounds.

Practice Observations
Chris Leak looked sharp, throwing several great passes.
Justin Midgett had a nice practice as well.
Wide receiver Dallas Baker had an amazing one-handed grab from Justin Midgett on a deep pass.
Wide receiver Andre Caldwell showed some great things today.
Mo Mitchell is now at 367 pounds and playing offensive (right) guard.
Dee Webb looked spectacular at cornerback.
Dan Disch looked comfortable and at home on the Gator practice field.
Matt Leach, Eric Wilbur and all the kickers looked great in their kicking duties.
There were over 100 fans in attendance at practice.
UF looked ahead of the game, like they were in mid-fall form.

Upcoming Schedule This Week
Wednesday – 4:30
Thursday – day off
Friday – 4:30 (light hitting)
Saturday – 9:30 (sound will horn at 9:30, practice, then scrimmage. Practice is open to the public.)

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