Post Practice Q&A: Chad Jackson

Throughout much of the off season, Gator fans have been clamoring about who will be the next great UF Wide Receiver. A name that has been tossed into many a mix is sophomore WR <b>Chad Jackson</b> who took a little time after practice to tell about his goals, his relationship with Bubba Caldwell and his imminent move up the depth chart.

FightinGators: Chad you just finished your second day of practice, aside from the team how are you looking to improve your skills?
Chad Jackson: "I really am out here trying to get better in every aspect of the game. I am sharpening my mental focus on routes and getting faster physically." 

FG: How do you feel this years WR's are different then last years corp.?
CJ: "In the scheme of it, I think we are all the same. We are going to miss Kelvin Kight and Carlos Perez, but I think this year's group will have a step on them. The Gators are going to lead the Southeastern Conference in receiving." 

FG: Much has been made of your relationship with Chris Leak and Andre Caldwell. How has this helped chemistry?
CJ: "We are all doing good. We have been throwing the ball a lot during the off season, sometimes after school and even late at night. Anything to improve us has brought us together." 

FG: In what ways are you a different player then last year seeing as how you spent some time at kick returner?
CJ: "Getting a lot of time at KR helped me with my field vision, but I am ready to settle down at WR. I am looking to be a starter by fall, and that is my goal right now." 

FG: What do you like most about this offense, specifically Fedora's system?
CJ: "I love this offense. I like it a whole lot more then last year, because we are going to be very fast paced. It's very similar to the offense I played in high school." 

FG: Are you friends with Markus Manson?
CJ: "Not really. I met him when he was up here, but we haven't kept in touch much. He had to deal with the Alabama pressure that I had to deal with so I feel for him."

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