Q&A with Earl Everett

The signing class of 2003 brought many a shining star to The Swamp in Gainesville. One of the essential players of this was linebacker <B>Earl Everett</B>. Earl enjoyed many accolades after earning playing time last year, and as an expected starter in 2004, Earl took some time to talk about the linebackers, next year, and rapper Lil John. Yeah!!!

FightinGators.com - You guys have 3 days under you belt. How does it feel to get the pads on for the first time?
Earl Everett.
"It feels really well. It's about time we get a chance to start hitting people. Me and Channing have been talking about it for a long time. It is really good to get back in the swing of things."

FG - I hear a lot of the players on defense yelling out rapper Lil John's signature yell of "Yeah! Ok! What!" What is the significance of that?
[Laughing] "Yeah that's something we came up with just a couple days ago. We use it to get the team riled up so it's pretty cool."

FG. Your weight has been talked about a lot with the rumor move to Strong Safety. How are you doing now?
-"Well I have put on about 12 pounds. I am about 225. I plan on gaining at least 5 to 10 pounds before the season starts. It won't be that hard because we have a great conditioning coach, and I will be hitting the weight room."

FG. What team are you looking forward to getting at most next year?
- "I can't say I'm necessarily looking at a team to play next year. I think this year's group has decided to just look at what is ahead of us. The only thing we have been looking forward to is getting better."

FG - How do you this years LB corp. comparing to last years?
-"We still have our leader Travis Harris and he has been helping us out a lot. The guys on the line have benefited from him as well. We have a group of young guys emerging with the more reps we get, the better we are going to be."

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