Q&A with Jermaine McCollum

With the loss of all four starters in the secondary, the Gators CB position has been up in the air. Up and coming stars Dee Webb, and Reynaldo Hill have solidified their spot on the first team, but after that everything is game. CB <b>Jermaine McCollum</b>, known for his tenacity on special teams and being the other half of twin brother Tremaine McCollum, took a couple seconds to tell FightinGators.com where he stands on the team.

FightinGators. How do you feel so far with the way spring practice is going?
Jermaine McCollum.
"Things are going pretty good. As a secondary we are learning something new every day. Me and the fellas are out on the field always helping each other out."

FG. How is it to have Coach Zook out their helping you guys out with the addition of Coach Disch?
"With Coach Zook it's just another plus out there. That's his area and that's where he likes to coach. It is a huge addition of having a head coach who knows how to be a secondary coach. 

FG. What's your goal for this spring? Being on the second team are you trying to clinch the dime back position?
"I just want to get better as the spring progresses. I'm getting a lot of help from the older guys Cory Bailey and Jarvis Herring. A lot of the guys just came in last year, but we are in this all together. We aren't trying to compete right now, so we are just helping each other out." 

FG. How do you think your role on the punt block team has helped you out?
"That's what I love to do. I love special teams and it allows me to get out there on the field. I'm trying to improve along with Jemalle Cornelius who is on the other side of the line that we way can provide some fireworks for the team." 

FG. Who is faster you or Tremaine?
"Well normally I'd say me, but I'm about 15 lbs heaver. I am at 185 right now and this is the weight I want to be playing at."

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