Q&A with Marcus Thomas

In the search for a fresh Q & A, I noticed something missing on the defensive line today. Sophomore DT Marcus Thomas was held out of drills for the day. Read on to find out why.

FightinGators. How do you feel about how the spring is coming along?
Marcus Thomas.
"It's coming along good. There are a lot of players stepped up that I didn't really think had it in them. We got a lot of young talent on the line. I might not be there to support them though." 

FG. What happened?
"I just found out today I will probably be out for the spring. I got this old injury from high school flaring up in my ankle so I'm going to go get it cleaned out that way I'll be ready for the season." 

FG. When was that determined?
"Just now. I will be back for summer and fall no doubt." 

FG. How has your relationship with Ray MacDonald helped you along at DT?
"For both of us, it really just is us two. Coming into the spring we were just thinking it's time to clean up shop and go to work. He's was a freshman too (redshirt) like I was, but he showed me the ropes and helped me out." 

FG. How do you feel playing along side the new Defensive Ends?
"They are alright. I really like the new guy Jeremy Mincey. The whole line is going to be good, especially with Jarvis Moss coming on." 

FG. Saturday I saw a couple Mandarin high school guys out here. Any recruits in that bunch?
"Actually one of them, Jarod St. Clair, he is going to be a senior so hopefully I can get him to come here. He plays Defensive Back."

FG. What was your focus for this off season?
"I was really trying to get bigger and faster. I was going to trim down, but I found out that's not too good. I got my weight back up to 275 now, but I'm way faster then I was last year. I am trying to get up to 285 or 290." 

FG. Coach Glass working you out hard?
"I ain't never worked so hard in my life till I met Coach Glass. He always kept us in the weight room."

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