Dan Disch said, about his new gig with the Gators."> Dan Disch said, about his new gig with the Gators.">

Dan's Disch-ing it out!

"What an opportunity! I'm real excited to be here!" That's what new UF Secondary Coach <B>Dan Disch</B> said, about his new gig with the Gators.

"It was a tough transition (from coaching high school). Really, kids are kids. The biggest thing for me is that for a long time I was a head coach. So, now, I'm on the bottom of the totem pole, just running around trying to keep up, keeping my head above water. Anytime you move anywhere, you have to learn a new language. And, you have to learn a new system. I'll just coach the kids like I've always done. I'm glad I have the opportunity to be here."

Just speaking with Coach Disch for the second time since spring practice began, I certainly have gotten the feeling that this guy is ‘for real'.

"I'm impressed by the whole group's work ethic (regarding the secondary). And, their attitudes have been super," said Coach Disch, adding that, "we lost all four starters (from last season). I think Corey Bailey and Jarvis Herring are the two, leadership-wise, who have really stepped to the front. I'm excited about what they've done."

Not only is Coach Disch impressed with Bailey and Herring, but, the entire secondary corps. "We're just working hard. And, the kids know they have to get better everyday. Each one of them knows exactly where they're at. It's their first chance, really, and, I think they want to grab a hold of the chance and see what we can do."

Disch has been a head coach on the high school level in the Jacksonville area since 1981. He first was an assistant coach at Forrest H.S. (1981-84); then, he took the Terry Parker H.S. assistant job (1986-87); and, finally, he ended his prep coaching days, at least for now, with Ed White H.S., as the main man in charge for sixteen years.

Coach Disch said that, "when I was a head coach, you always had guys who aspired to be coordinators and head coaches. I don't want to ever say that you're satisfied with where you're at. But, I'm excited. I'll work hard and see what happens."

As a Florida State alumnus (1981), Disch hasn't actually moved his family to Gainesville yet. He said that he's been living out of a hotel room since coming to Hogtown.

So, one would presume that Coach Disch is now ‘officially' a Gator fan.

"I am now! (laughter)…I have been for a long time. I've known Coach Zook since the early 1990's. I've pulled for his guys…and, Coach Spurrier and his guys. Being in Jacksonville, being close, and, having a lot of players come here, I've pulled for them for a long time. Now I'm a ‘Super' Gator fan!"

Hopefully, for the Florida football team, ‘Dan's the man!"

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