Q&A with Reggie Lewis

With the loss of tight end Ben Troupe, the wide receivers will be asked to step up a whole lot more this year under coach Larry Fedora's quick-paced offense. FightinGators.com pulled aside WR <B>Reggie Lewis</B> to see his thoughts on spring, the offense, and incoming recruit Mike McIntosh.

FightinGators - What is your impression of how the spring is coming along?
Reggie Lewis - "It feels pretty good to get back out there. I am anxious for tomorrows scrimmage too."

FG - How has your experience on special teams, particularly at KR, helped you on the field?
RL - "Last year I got real good experience on special teams. I want to work on that experience, and just get out there and put it to action this year. I got a chance to see how physical the game was coming out of high school and it was a huge difference."

FG - Where do you feel more comfortable at WR, in the slot or outside?
RL - "I'm pretty shifty so I like being in the slot, but it really doesn't matter. The only thing on my mind right now is I want to be part of this team more then I already am."

FG - Coming out of First Coast High School there are a lot of people on the team from there. Who are you closest to?
RL - "I really can't say one of them is the best. All of us receivers out of there are close and pretty talented so I can't just choose one."

FG - Do you know who Mike McIntosh is from First Coast?
RL - "Yeah, I've spoken with him before. He is a good kid who wants to come in and contribute just like everyone else. If there is one thing that separates him from the group, its that he is really fast."

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