Leak Talks About Gators, System

FLORIDA quarterback <B>Chris Leak</B> talks about the Gator offensive system, his weapons and his relationship with the Florida coaching staff.

On spring practice so far: "I'm trying to work on the tempo of the offense…getting better at that, and, getting better at attacking the defense," said Chris Leak. "That's one of the main things (the tempo) that we're trying to work on. If we see something open (as far as reading the defense), we've got to check to it. We've got to check to the plays that work. The defense might give us different looks…and, we've got to ‘sight-adjust', or, check for something that we can attack the defense on…so, that the (particular) play can be successful. We're mostly working on tag-on stuff. Most of the stuff that we've learned is pretty much attacking the defense, itself…go downfield…and, stretch the defense." Leak was then asked if he will call some of his own plays. "We're just making sure the timing is right (now). As we get into the season, we're going to get to that."

On the offensive scheme as a whole: "It's the same offense. I enjoyed it last year. Getting that year under my belt was a big advantage for me…playing against all of those great teams. It's the same offense I had in high school. So, I've loved the offense ever since."

On his relationship with the coaches: Leak said he's real close with QB Coach Ed Zaunbrecher. "He's just an awesome coach. He just knows so much about the game. So, I just try to soak-up as much as I can…because, he has so much knowledge about the game. He's so experienced in this field. I just try to listen to him as much as I can. Everything he tells you means something important…and, that it's going to work. We're getting better staying on the same page, and, getting better as the year progresses. I'm close with all of the coaches…even Coach Charlie Strong. I've know him since the 6th grade. I try to be close to all of our coaches. The more you know (the better). They can help you out a lot…reading defenses and things like that."

On the wide receivers as group: "They're going to be awesome! They're just such hard workers. They're just going to keep getting better and better."

On Sophomore WR Andre Caldwell: "He'll probably be one of the best (wide receivers). He has all of the tools to do that. He's a hard worker, and, he'll keep doing everything to be successful." (Leak and Caldwell just happen to be roommates). "We see each other everyday…and, hang with each other…it just brings you closer. We're kind of like brothers."

Of course, that helps ‘big-time', especially when each player can kind of know what the other is thinking during a particular play. (If I'm not mistaken, it certainly seemed like former Gators --- QB Danny Wuerffel…and, WR's Ike Hilliard and Reidel Anthony --- could read each other's minds).

On the RB's catching screen passes: That's one of the big plays…one the big things on offense. The backs have the ability to catch passes…and, take them for long yardage. It's important to have screens in your (offensive) package, and, we have the guys that can do it."

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