Wilbur running 2nd team?

There are some great battles at certain positions this spring and one of them in punting. <B>Eric Wilbur</B> currently finds himself in a kicking battle.

Individual battles are what make up most of spring practice, as well as pre-season practice. The competition is fierce, but, friendly…considering that you're competing against your teammate for a particular starting position.

Sophomore Punter Eric Wilbur, who started for the Gators last season, is currently second on the depth chart. That may be a surprise for some, but, not for Gators Head Coach Ron Zook.

Junior Punter Nick Fleming, "is definitely in front of me right now," said Wilbur. "He's worked all of the off-season. He's been working real hard. I'm just trying to get my spot back…because, I've been having a rough spring. I just haven't been punting the way I should."

Wilbur said that there's a lot of stuff he needs to work on. "The best player is supposed to be out there…supposed to be starting. Nick's definitely making it hard to get my spot back. He's just more consistent than I am right now. He's hitting the ball really well. He's hitting it where Coach wants it. I just kind of got out of focus, and, I'm trying to get back to it."

With Fleming, punting to impress, is key for him if he's going be the starting booter. Coach Zook said that, "I think Nick has worked his tail off and done a great job. I'm very, very proud of Nick. It also goes to show you that, in this profession, in this job, in this game…you've got to continue to work. You're either going to get better or you're going to get worse."

Coach Zook also said that Wilbur isn't punting the way he needs to be. "Although, I've noticed since we had our little chat the other day, that he's punting a little better. I mean, he's done it before, so, there's no reason why to think he's not going to continue to be a good punter."

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