"Ready – set -- hike"

Florida QB coach Ed Zaunbrecher talks about the progression of the Gator quarterbacks.

The Gator football team has one more practice before Saturday's Orange & Blue Game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

On Wednesday, the team did some drills at the Sander's Practice Facility. Then, it was over to Florida Field to get some more ‘feel', playing in the stadium (though, it was basically empty).

The offense worked on ‘no-huddles' and ‘hurry-ups'…and, also, on goal line situations. All four Gator QB's were practicing on Wednesday.

Sophomore Chris Leak seemed, at least to me, to be getting faster at recognizing his second and third receivers…and, not just concentrating on the number one receiver. He's getting better everyday at that.

Sophomore QB Gavin Dickey took the day off the diamond and practiced on the gridiron. On one particular play, he threw a perfect pass to the corner of the end zone, just high enough for Sophomore WR Chad Jackson to haul-it-in for a sweet touchdown.

As for Freshman QB Justin Midgett, well, he's coming along just fine. "He's a lot better than he was in the fall. He's still not where he needs to be yet," said QB Coach Ed Zaunbrecher, adding that, "he's made a lot of improvement. He's working hard…and, focusing a lot better. He's on schedule. He's a typical freshman right now."

I have to give Midgett credit on one particular passing play. The pressure was on, and, he barely let go of the ball as Sophomore DE MacKenzie Pierre rushed-in to tackle him. Midgett's reflexes must have been working extra hard, because, he took down Pierre with a thrust of energy that landed the 258 pound DE on the ground. (Midgett gave up about 60 pounds to Pierre. From that play, you could see the fire burning in Midgett's eyes to continue to get better.

Sophomore QB Matt Kynes continued his spring progression. Though, with Dickey also in the mix, Kynes reps diminish.

Overall, according to Coach Zaunbrecher, Wednesday's practice wasn't all that great. "We weren't quite as sharp today as we had been the last couple of practices. That's the way it goes in the spring. One side will take over for awhile, and, the other side will take over (for awhile)."

Coach Zaunbrecher said that this Friday's practice will be light, compared to the previous spring practices. "We have to teach them how to warm-up before a game and all that kind of stuff. And, we'll cover some other stuff, too."

**(What a coincidence that Coach Zaunbrecher is a Middle Tennessee State alumnus, and, that the Gators kick-off the 2004 season hosting his alma-mater).

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