Bits & Bites from Wednesday's practice.

What is the relationship like between Chris Leak and Andre Caldwell? Who was a surprise visitor to today's practice? What do Gator DB's Jarvis Herring and Corey Bailey think of spring ball thus far?

Sophomore WR Andre Caldwell's relationship with his roommate, Sophomore QB Chris Leak:
"We work a lot individually (together)…so, we've got a little connection going on. I know when he's going to come to me, and, I know where he'll put the ball where he's got to put it." (During that statement, Leak snuck-up behind Caldwell and was making fun of him. Everyone had a good laugh about it…and, the connection was obvious). "I'm just getting used to playing the speed of the game…playing at 100%...staying in better shape, and, just catching every pass. With the defenders on me, I'm still able to get the ball in my hands."

Junior FS Jarvis Herring on his spring so far:
"This spring was pretty fun for me…a lot more fun (than last year's). The guys came out with a different attitude…just about the whole team. Everybody's hustling more. We worked out and trained harder during the spring. Everybody's just coming out and working. Everybody loves to come to practice. (On his squad), "It seems like when one of us is down, everybody's down. But, we just get together and want to go. Everybody's just going fast and having fun…mistake-free. You make a mistake, and, it seems like we still hustle to make the play right, even though someone messed up."

Herring on the importance of getting information from other position coaches besides his own:
"All of our coaches are pretty helpful. Sometimes, you're coach might miss things or something. Then, the opposite coach may have a correction. So, it's real good to know that everybody's watching, not just your own coach."

Herring on new Secondary Coach Dan Disch:
"He came in and adjusted to us real well. He came in with the friendship base first. Then, he got the guys' friendship…and, we listened to him. Everything's going well. He got a lot of respect from the players fast."

Junior DB Vernell Brown on catching and returning punts and kick-offs:
"A lot of it has to do with the scheme…some of it is instinct." But, when there's no one to punt to you, "basically, Coach Disch tosses the ball up in the air as high as he can, and, we run up under it and catch it. That's the only way you can do it (practice catching). Then, we have our punters ‘pooch-punt', which gives you a chance to sit under the ball and catch it."

Senior SS Corey Bailey on the importance of off-season workouts:
"Our weight program is always great. Coach Rob Glass always gets us right for the spring. I'm real confident in all of the guys around us. During the spring, everybody has a chance to learn. I'd go to war with any one of them."

Former Florida DT Gerard Warren was checking out the Gators practice on Wednesday. "BIG MONEY," as he's commonly known as, stood near the corner of the end zone where Junior RB Ciatric Fason ran in for a TD. Warren teased Fason, saying that he's the ‘main man' now in the Gator backfield. Warren has played in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns since 2001. He's played in 47 games, with 101 tackles, 31 assists, and 12.5 QB sacks. He was the Browns third selection in round one of the 2001 NFL Draft. Warren, former WR Wes Chandler (1978), and former QB Steve Spurrier (1967), are the only three Gators to have been selected as the third pick in the NFL Draft's first round --- the lowest picks of any Gators ever. Before Spurrier, the only players that had been taken in the first round were Backs Chuck Hunsinger (1950) and Paul Duhart (1945). Back Walt Mayberry was the first-ever Gator selected in the NFL draft, picked by the Cleveland Rams in round six in 1938.

Linebacker CHanning Crowder still has a pulled groin and Coach Zook there is still a possibility that he will not play on Saturday in the Orange and Blue Game.

Friday's Practice Note:
As of this writing, Friday's practice starting time is to be announced (TBA). Please make sure to check periodically on Thursday to find out when the team begins its final practice before Saturday's Orange & Blue Game.

============GATOR TRIVIA=============

Answer from Tuesday's question:
Before taking the helm in Gainesville, Coach Zook was on three different NFL team's coaching staffs: the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and New Orleans Saints.

Wednesday's Trivia Question:
Sophomore Gavin Dickey plays both football and baseball for UF. Who was the last Gator QB to play both baseball and football, before Dickey came onto the scene?

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