Orange and Blue Photo Gallery - #1

In the first of three Orange and Blue game photo galleries, see shots of the pre-game festivities, the first quarter and some images from the second quarter. Check out photos of Chris Leak, Markell Thompson, Skyler Thornton and more!

Here come the (orange) Gators............

Here come the (blue) Gators.........

You thought the Florida - Florida St. rivalry was intense? It doesn't compare to the energy of the Orange and Blue game!

There were almost 25,000 fans at the Swamp today to watch the scrimmage.

The cheerleaders were out in support of the Orange and the Blue.

The opening kick-off of the game was onside kick.

Chris Leak and Markell Thompson wait their turn to get out on the field.

#15 Dee Webb hits #88 David Kenner.

Leak under center with his fullback, Billy Latsko, lined behind him in the endzone.

Skyler Thornton finds the hole and runs in for an Orange touchdown.

Leak looking down field.  Off to his left is Ciatrick Fason looking back for a pass.  In front of him blocking are #72 Lance Butler and #79 Steve Rissler.

Thornton gets tackled.

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