Q&A with Larry Fedora

Larry Fedora just completed his first spring as Offensive Coordinator of the Gator offense. Fedora talks about how UF will look to set the tempo against defenses this fall, incorporate the play action pass more in the offense and reward the most consistent and productive players with playing time. Here is a quick interview with the Gator offensive leader.

Brady Ackerman: How do you feel about the spring workouts?
Larry Fedora: I thought we got better each day and at the end of spring were right where we need to be. We threw a lot at the guys right away and they responded well.
BA: Were you concerned with not scoring much at the beginning of spring?
LF: Not really… it was about what we expected. Our receivers really did not play much last season. It was there first experience at being in the spot light.

BA: Is there lack of experience a concern?
LF: Well Andre Caldwell did play a lot last season and certainly Jemalle Cornelius and Dallas Baker did some good things but you won't know how they will respond until the first game. You hope that the preparation in fall camp and drills will get them ready.

BA: You seem to have a lot of options at receiver.
LF: We do with O.J. Small , Dallas Baker, Andre and Jemalle along with Kenneth Tookes, Chad Jackson and Reggie Lewis. It's a talented group.

BA: How do you make them happy?
LF: We only have one football so whoever performs consistently and at a high level will get the most opportunities.
BA: You threw the ball over the middle a lot in the spring. Is that part of the game plan?
LF: We took what the defense gave us. Our new tight ends did a nice job and the receivers showed that they are not afraid to go across the middle. You have to be able to capitalize on what the defense gives you and we did that some this spring.

BA: Were you pleased with the running backs?
LF: I thought they did some good things and finished up strong. Ciatrick Fason and Deshaun Wynn have proven themselves on the field and we as a staff are just pushing the guys to be more consistent and bring it each and every day to practice.

BA: You used a lot of play action passing in the spring. Is that part of the game plan?
LF: We hope so. First we must run the ball well to set those plays. Our quarterbacks and offensive line did a good job with ball fakes and protection. To win in the SEC you have to be able to run the ball and if you can then the play action pass becomes a viable weapon.

BA: Are you excited about the depth of the offensive line?
LF: Absolutely, Joe (Wickline) has done a great job with our front and it starts in the middle with Mike Degory. He is as solid as they come and of course Lance Butler ,Randy Hand and Tavares Washington had good springs. Stephen Rissler and Ron Dowdy really can help us with depth and getting big Mo Mitchell back adds to the overall talent level. It is certainly the deepest unit since we have been here at Florida.

BA: The word of the spring was tempo. Did you achieve the level you were looking for?
LF: We wanted our guys to practice "fast" and establish a quick pace in our play calling and execution. We feel like we set a good foundation in the spring and certainly would like to be able to change the tempo in a game. You have to start fast and then at times you can slow it down but it is much harder to start slow and try to speed up. We feel if we can change tempos during a game that will cause a defense problems.

BA: Which unit is this the toughest on?
LF: The offensive line, because the must get set find there defenders and get going. You have to have well conditioned lineman and depth certainly is a bonus .

BA: Any thoughts on some of the proposed recruiting changes?
LF: Well, we already feed our kids on campus and feel pretty good about the way we are doing things. I think one thing that is important is that we (university) educate everyone involved with the recruiting weekend from the host to the recruit.

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