Mock Draft

The NFL Draft cranks up on Saturday at noon. Here is me and Brady's mock draft. We will tally up the results on Monday.

Newberg's Picks

1) San Diego – Eli Manning (QB) Ole Miss

The Chargers look to be looking for excuses not to draft QB Eli Manning.  Why?  I expect them to trade this pick, most likely to the Giants.  If they hold on to the No. 1 spot they should select Manning or OT Robert Gallery.  If New York trades up for this selection it's for Manning.

2).  Oakland – Robert Gallery (OT) Iowa

Not a sexy pick for Raider owner Al Davis but you don't turn down an offensive lineman like Gallery.  Oakland also loves wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Roy Williams.  Having said that, don't be surprised if Oakland trades down, perhaps to Cleveland for this spot.  The Browns would love to draft Gallery.  If this trade goes down the Raiders could likely get wide receiver Roy Williams at No. 7.  Washington is also looking to trade up to draft Gallery as well. 

3) Arizona – Larry Fitzgerald (WR) Pittsburgh

If Fitzgerald is sitting there with the Cards on the clock, Dennis Green will not hesitate to snatch up this Panther.  If Oakland takes him at two what will Arizona do?  Do they go after a quarterback, pick safety Sean Taylor or perhaps trade down?

4) New York GiantsBen Roethlisberger (QB) Miami (Ohio)

I fully expect the Giants to trade up with the Chargers and select Manning.  If things don't work out what would they do at No. 4?  They have a need at safety and Sean Taylor could be there for the taking.  But would they turn down Roethlisberger?  It doesn't look like Gallery will slide this far down.  If San Diego does swap their pick with New York I think they make Roethlisberger a Charger.

5) Washington – Kellen Winslow (TE) Miami

Kellen Winslow, Jr. would be the perfect fit for Joe Gibbs in Washington.  I think that's his pick unless they make a move up for Gallery or they decide on super safety Sean Taylor.

6) Detroit – Sean Taylor (S) Miami

If Detroit stays put at No. 6 I think they select Sean Taylor from Miami.  To me, he is the best player in this draft and a future Pro Bowler.  But the Lions love running back Stephen Jackson and they could select him here or trade down and get Jackson later. 

7) Cleveland – DeAngelo Hall (CB) Virginia Tech

The Browns would love to make a trade up for Gallery.  They would also love to draft Winslow or Taylor but I think all three are gone at this point.  There is obviously the chance that Roethlisberger slides to seven but I think Butch Davis and the Browns will make Hall there pick.  He is a shut down corner that can make a big impact soon and he is also an outstanding kick returner. 

8) Atlanta – Vince Wilfork  (DT) Miami

I think this is the selection of the Falcons but I think they trade down and get this big D-tackle from Miami later on in the first round.  The Falcons have many glaring needs and could go in three or four directions but I think they go D-line with pick one.  Other possibilities if Atlanta goes another route are Hall (if still on board) and Roy Williams.  It could be Williams if the Falcons stand pat at No. 8.

9) Jacksonville  - Kenechi Udeze (DE) USC

Kenechi Udeze seems to be the guy here but the Jags are hoping Roy Williams slides to No. 9.  Or the Jags could be bold and trade up to get Williams.

10.) HoustonDunta Robinson (CB) South Carolina

The Texans need help in the secondary and at D-tackle.  Do they go with Dunta Robinson or Tommie Harris?  Robinson gets the nod here.

11.) Pittsburgh – Phillip Rivers (QB) N.C. State

The Steelers are going to be holding their breath for ten picks hoping Rivers makes it to No. 11. 

12.) New York JetsJonathan Vilma (LB) Miami

The Jets need help at linebacker and in the secondary.  I don't think Robinson or Hall fall this far and New York takes a Miami linebacker.  But which one?  I think Vilma ends up a Jet on Saturday.

13.) Buffalo – Roy Williams (WR) Texas

The Bills have glaring needs across the board but you don't turn down a player like Roy Williams at No. 13.  That's a steal for Buffalo if he is available.  Roethlisberger is a possibility here if he falls this far.

14.) Chicago – Will Smith (DE) Ohio State

The Bears could go wide receiver (Reggie Williams), defensive tackle (Tommie Harris) or defensive end.  Much could depend on Wilfork and if he falls this far.  If he is off the board Chicago could go with Will Smith.

15) Tampa Bay – D.J. Williams (LB) Miami

The Bucs had their hearts set on wide receiver Mike Williams but they will have to wait like everyone else.  The Bucs could stay at No. 15 and get D.J. Williams or trade down and try and to recoup a second round pick.  They could go RB, WR, TE, DT, or LB.  If they stay put Williams is their man unless Stephen Jackson falls this far. 

16.) San Francisco – Reggie Williams (WR) Washington

The 49ers could trade down, perhaps with Philadelphia, and hope Reggie Williams is still available.  If they do trade down and Williams is gone there are plenty of receivers to choose from or they could go for a defensive linemen or help at the corner spot. 

17.) Denver – Stephen Jackson (RB) Oregon State

I would be shocked if Jackson is still available at No. 17.  I think Detroit will trade down and get him.  If that happens look for Denver to nab Kevin Jones.  If they are both available at No. 17 the Broncos will have a tough choice to make but the Bucs could gobble up Jackson freeing up the Broncos for Jones.

18.) New Orleans – Tommie Harris (DT) Oklahoma

Don't be surprised if they Saints move up in the first round to try and get a CB (Hall or Robinson) or one of the Miami linebackers.  If D.J. Williams is still on the board the Saints grab him.  If he is gone, and there is a good chance, they could go with another LB or CB or take a D-tackle.  At this selection there is more value for a defensive tackle.  Harris could slide this far.

19) MinnesotaLee Evans (WR) Wisconsin

The Vikings could go in several different directions and it depends on who falls their way.  If Will Smith is available he could be the guy.  Or perhaps they go the receiver route where they could pick from several like Lee Evans and Michael Clayton.  But they could also go OL and Vernon Carey is a versatile one that could play guard or tackle.  This is a tough call.

20) Miami – Shawn Andrews (OT) Arkansas

Andrews is an awesome athlete and the Dolphins take him at No. 20 if he is still on the board.  Vernon Carey is another possibility with this pick and it could go either way.

21) New England – Chris Gamble (CB) Ohio State

How many needs do the Super Bowl champs have?  Not many.  What will happen with CB Ty Law?  I think the Pats draft a CB and I think their guy could be Gamble.  They could snag him here or at No. 32.

22) Dallas – Vernon Carey OG) Miami

Carey is a giant OG that could also play tackle.  Dallas could go RB here with Chris Perry but I think they go after a runner later on in the draft.

23) Seattle – Marcus Tubbs (DT) Texas

Seattle needs DLs and there are plenty to choose from here.  Tubbs could be their guy. 

24) CincinnatiDarnell Dockett (DT) FSU

If Gamble slides this far he could be the pick.  But Docket or Randy Starks is a better value here if Gamble is not available. 

25). Green Bay – Jason Babin (DE) Western Michigan

The Pack need DEs and Babin is their man. 

26) St. Louis – Ben Troupe (TE) Florida

The Rams could make a surprise pick with QB J.P. Losman here or maybe even take a WR.  Or, they could go defensive end.  But don't be surprised if they nab Ben Troupe, a gifted TE from a receiving standpoint. 

27) Tennessee – Randy Starks (DT) Maryland

The Titans would love Ben Troupe here.  They could go DT or even wide receiver.  I think they may grab the best available tackle. 

28) Philadelphia – Michael Clayton (WR) LSU

A steal this late in the first round.  Michael Clayton is too good to pass up.  But, Philly would love to trade up for RBs Stephen Jackson or Kevin Jones or one of the big time CBs or LBs.  If they pass on Clayton, LB Karlos Dansby is a strong possibility. 

29) Indianapolis – Karlos Dansby (LB) Auburn

How is this LB not a top 15 pick?  I think he's the best LB in the draft.

30) Kansas City – Antwan Odom (DE) Alabama

The Chiefs could go wide receiver here with Mike Jenkins, Keary Colbert, or Rashaun Woods or another WR that slides down.  They could also go DE or DT (Tank Johnson). 

31) Carolina – Justin Smiley (OG) Alabama

The Panthers will hope Ben Troupe slides to them at No. 31.  The offensive line (Jacob Rogers, Justin Smiley, Chris Snee) and the secondary (Matt Ware, Ahmad Carroll) will get a strong look.

32) New England – Chris Snee (OG) Boston College

I think it's Smiley or Boston College's Chris Snee with this pick.

Ack's Picks

1) New York Giants (with trade) Eli Manning QB Ole Miss
2) Cleveland  (with trade) Robert Gallery OT Iowa
3) Arizona - Larry Fitzgerald WR Pittsburgh
4) San Diego - Ben Roethlisberger QB Miami (Ohio)
5) Washington - Kellen Winslow TE Miami
6) Detroit - Sean Taylor S Miami
7) Oakland - Roy Williams WR Texas
8) Atlanta - Deangelo Hall CB Virginia Tech
9) Jacksonville - Kenechi Udeze DE USC
10) Houston - Tommie Harris DT Oklahoma
11) Pittsburgh - Philip Rivers QB N.C. State
12) New York Jets - Jonathan Vilma LB Miami
13) Buffalo - Reggie Williams WR Washington
14) Chicago - Vince Wilfork DT Miami
15) Tampa Bay – D.J. Williams LB Miami
16) San Francisco - Lee Evans WR Wisconsin
17) Denver - Stephen Jackson RB Oregon State
18) New Orleans - Chris Gamble CB Ohio State
19) Minnesota - Vernon Carey OL Miami
20) Miami - Shawn Andrews OL Arkansas
21) New England - Michael Clayton WR LSU
22) Dallas - Kevin Jones RB Virginia Tech
23) Seattle - Randy Starks DT Maryland
24) Cincinnati - Darnell Dockett DT FSU
25) Green Bay - Jason Babin DE Western Michigan
26) St. Louis - Ben Troupe TE Florida
27) Tennessee  - Marcus Tubbs DT Texas
28) Philadelphia - Karlos Dansby LB Auburn
29) Indianapolis - Dunta Robinson DB South Carolina
30) Kansas City - Rashaun Woods WR Oklahoma State
31) Carolina - Ahmad Carroll CB Arkansas
32) New England - Chris Perry RB Michigan

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