Signee Spotlight: Interview with Javier Estopinian

Gator Country spoke with Javier Estopinian briefly tonight to get an idea of how he is doing. Yes, he was aware that Channing Crowder was arrested this past weekend. He didn't delve into it beyond that. Estopinian seems focused on preparing himself for the next level, regardless of the situation.

Mark McLeod: How have things been? Counting the days until graduation?

Javier Estopinian: "Yep. One month. (Laughs) Really, things have been just fine."

Mark McLeod: Have you had your prom yet?

Javier Estopinian: "Yeah, we had it this past weekend in fact. A few of us rented a limo and a hotel at the beach. We stayed there and just hung out having some fun and partying a little."

Mark McLeod: Will you continue wrestling to stay in shape?

Javier Estopinian: "Yeah, I'll be wrestling at school until I leave to help make the guys better and to keep in shape."

Mark McLeod: How have the workouts been going?

Javier Estopinian: "Great. They've really been going well. I weigh 234 right now and feel really good."

Mark McLeod: What else is going on?

Javier Estopinian: "Well, Coach Miller said that he's going to be in town this week. Actually, he's going to be in Palm Beach. But, he's going to try and drop by and see me. That will be good."

The two-time state wrestling champ has all of the tools. Size (6'2 234), speed (4.65), and attitude. Personally, I've always thought that wrestlers made some of the best football players. In my opinion, these guys have a tremendous advantage over non-wrestlers, leverage, hand /eye coordination, work ethic, and individualism. The first three speak for themselves, but they go out individually and dare you to kick their ass. That translates very well onto the football field, where they turn that competitive spirit into leadership.

Estopinian told me that the coaches expect him to contribute on all of the special teams and compete for playing time at linebacker. No doubt. After meeting him and watching film of him, I too expect Estopinian to be a key contributor for the Gators this season on special teams, eventually rotating in at linebacker.

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