What we're hearing: The latest in recruiting...

Continuing a grand tradition of Gator Country Insider, we have a number of birds in the trees that we listen to, so to speak... And they always have good things to tell us, which we dutifully pass on to you, our loyal subscribers. ;) Here's the scoop on recruiting this early in the season and more...

In football recruiting Gator Country Insider is hearing that the coaches these days have taken the unprecedented step of what we call "Advanced Scouting" where they're now pursuing and investigating more potential prospects much earlier than done in the past. The staff has been literally burning holes in their collective shoes trying to see as many prospects in person (at spring practices, etc.) and watching as much video as possible, especially for the month of May.

After a solid month of constant recruiting on the road, the coaches have begun preparing their master game plan targetting the next year's superstars to bring to Florida and sign. Based on this, look for the Gators to sign as many or more kids in this recruiting season compared to last year's season.

As most of our recruiting gurus have noticed, this year's class is going to contain an unusual amount of linebackers and offensive linemen. Look for the Gators to sign between 9 to 12 prospects combined in just those two positions, thus addressing a serious need.

The State of Florida seems to have its share of linebackers that may be ready to jump straight to Division-I and be at the level of calibre the Florida Gators are seeking, talent-wise. Don't forget that Miami and Florida State signed their full allotment of prospects at the linebacker position last year which gives the Florida Gators the ability to pull in some major talent there.

Speaking of linemen, offensive linemen are a little more rare this year in terms of pure numbers in Florida. Coupled with the fact that OL film is difficult to grade at the high school level, the scouting's certainly going to be harder than usual this season. Coach Wickline is known as being very selective about who plays for him at Florida so it looks like the Gators are going to have to go out of state to fulfill some of their needs at the OL position.

We're going to be bringing you more and more tidbits through the upcoming days until our "mystery" writer finally joins us. Hang in there - it's going to be a fun ride!

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