INSIDER FOOTBALL: Scuttlebutt on two players

The "Insider Scuttlebutt" is another new feature forthcoming on Gator Country Insider where we put our ears to the ground to bring you brief and interesting "insider" tidbits. In this edition we update you on OL Mike Degory and DeShawn Wynn's progress.


Starting center Mike Degory looks to be back at full strength (or very close to it) since his knee surgery back in the early spring.

According to reports from the weight room, Degory has been able to do full squats for the first time since pre-surgery and has become a force in the weight room.

Don't be surprised to see Degory have an All-American type of year for the Gators on the offensive line as a result. He deserves kudos for putting extreme effort into getting back in the groove.


Last season DeShawn went home for the off-season and came back slightly out of shape. This season it appears DeShawn's learned from that and put a lot of focus and energy into making a major impact on the field this year.

He really does look like a lean, mean running machine these days, but don't let that fool you into thinking that he's just "lean." DeShawn isn't small by any stretch of the imagination -- he looks like a solid 220lbs or more. The summer conditioning program this year will do wonders for his speed and endurance by the time kickoff rolls around in August. He could very well become our featured back if Fason stumbles.

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