SCUTTLEBUTT: Earl Everett's mysterious weight

I know it, you know it, and even your kids know it - you're obsessed with the height, weight, and speed of players and prospects, right? Especially Earl Everett's ever since he stepped on the field (and ended up on the All-SEC Freshmen team...)

It seems many of us are even more so with Earl Everett. Yesterday, Earl was pressed for an answer about his weight and he boldly stated that he is up to 225 pounds -- 19 lbs over his weight from last season.

And it's obvious it's not kidding -- you can really see it in his neck and arms. He has really filled out well. Earl says he hasn't lost a step from the increased weight and we can tell from what we've seen on the field.

Look for Earl to make a huge step in performance this season over an already impressive freshman campaign (Freshman All-SEC, in case you forgot...).

Best of luck to Earl!

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