INSIDER SCUTTLEBUTT: The scoop on the "Zook Rule"

If you've been prowling our famous message boards, especially the Insider Den, you'll know we posted a mention of rival coaches trying to get the NCAA to pass a new rule and some of them are dubbing it the "Zook Rule." Read on and get the scoop along with an update on coaches working the summer camps at UF.

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The Rising Senior Camp at the University of Florida is wrapping up. There's been a ton of JUCO and smaller collegiate coaches helping out at the camp while gaining experience at the same time. One of the reasons they're willing to help out is that they get the chance to eyeball some of the area talent that shows up at these camps (the camp in July will have muchero talento, for instance).

Due to these coaches great relationship with Coach Ron Zook and the staff, they're also eager to help the Gators put on a good show for this year's new crop of prospects. It's really a two way street here - sometimes if the Gators can't take a certain prospect or don't feel he is a good fit for the program talent or academic-wise, they'll often refer these prospects to these coaches that are helping out.

At any rate, this week's camp didn't include much talent with some exceptions like Paul O'Hara (RB/SS), Vladimir Richard (DE), and Ed Tabasky (OL). We have some photos that we'll be posting shortly from the camp once we figure out how our spankin' new high speed high zoom digital camera works. It has the best zoom on the market with image stabilization so that will help us bring you the best photos. ;) Here's a sneak preview - photos of O'Hara on our Insider Den Recruiting Board

Now on to what those of you on our rockin' message boards are waiting for -- the inside scoop on the "Zook Rule:"

One of the biggest "scuttlebutt" buzzes coming out of the mouths of the visiting coaches at this camp is the fact that many of the colleges are now trying to push for the NCAA to pass a new rule prohibiting head coaches from being on the road during the month of May. They're all calling it the "Zook Rule." Why? Because Coach Zook really, really burns rubber on the road during that month and the other college coaches are getting very weary of trying to keep up with Superman, er, Zook himself.

Remember Georgia's Mark Richt complaining earlier about Coach Zook making him work harder? Bingo! Apparently he's not alone. They all want the NCAA to deflate the tires of the tireless Zook Mobile and I have to say it's somewhat comical to hear about this. Sad, but true.

Personally, I don't see anything coming of this so called rule, but you just never know. Guess we'll see if it becomes reality down the road. We'll keep you posted.

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