INSIDE LOOK: Photos of Rising Senior Camp, part 2

We give you the real <b>inside look</b> into the Rising Seniors Summer camp with exclusive photos inside and out of the facilities. You'll recognize some of the campers as Gator recruits, too. Part 2.

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Coach Zook is usually the first and last to speak at the engagements in the Touchdown Terrace.

From left to right, Gerald Williams, Vladimir Richards, and Ryan Walker wait in the food line the first night of the Rising Senior Camp in the Touchdown Terrace.

Campers choppin' down on their chow. In the forefront you can see Coach Wickline on the far left and Coach Miller in white on the far right.

During the first meal, Coach Locksley spoke about "What to expect during the recruiting process."

Coach Fedora talks about grades and tests necesary to become a college athlete.

The Offensive Line campers work late under the lights of The Swamp.

Steve Chancey #27 of Lakeland HS, and Paul O'Hara #20 of Dixie County HS run the ladder drill during the County Fair. For those of you not familiar with the term, the "County Fair" is running six drills back to back with no break as they go from one "ride" to another just like at the fair.

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