Interview with McIntosh Nicolas

One point. <br><br> That's all that stands between <b>McIntosh Nicolas</b> and being fully qualified at the University of Florida. He works out every day at his home in Immokalee, lifting weights, training, running, working on his endurance, but the toughest part of his daily agenda is the walk to the mail box to see if notification has arrived that he passed the ACT.

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"I feel confident that I got the point I needed," Nicholas said Monday night, "but I don't have word yet that I passed. I work real hard every day training and getting ready to come to Gainesville, but the hard part is waiting for the score."

A standout receiver and defensive back in high school, Nicholas is also well known for track exploits. He's been timed at 4.22 seconds in the 40-yard dash and his 100-yard dash times in track were far better his junior year than his senior best 10.5. He battled through some sickness in the spring so he didn't run much, participating in the state meet in only the 200 meters and as the anchor on the 4X100 relay team.

"I was disappointed that I didn't really get to run like I know I can," he said. "I was sick so I just couldn't train and really couldn't push it. I'm fine now, but I really did want to see what I could do in track."

Last spring he ran his 4.22 40 to beat Xavier Carter and he also bested Duane Coleman in the 100 meters.

"That was the first time I've ever been timed in the 40, so it was kinda cool hearing that I was that fast," he said. "I beat Xavier Cater in the 40 and Duane Coleman in the 100, and those are some pretty fast dudes.

University of Florida Coach Ron Zook calls him regularly along with offensive line coach Joe Wickline, who was his primary recruiter.

"They call me and they're really very encouraging," he said. "Coach Wickline's pretty cool, and every time Coach Zook calls me, he tells me I'm the fastest guy he's ever timed at any level and he's been around some pretty fast guys in the NFL and in college."

At UF, Nicholas says he is not sure whether he will be at defensive back or wide receiver, but his preference would be on the defensive side of
the ball.

"Whatever they want me to do, that's what I'll do, but I think I'd rather be on defense if they let me choose for myself," he said. "There's a lot of people who can catch the ball and run with it, but you got to have people who can stop people from scoring. I think I could use my speed best to keep people from scoring or shutting down another receiver, so that's where I think I want to play."

Meanwhile, he waits patiently for word that he will be fully qualified at UF. But, in case he doesn't get the necessary point on his ACT, he
has a contingency plan already in place.

"If I get the point, I'm in Gainesville, but if I don't I'm going to Dodge City (Community College)," he said. "I've sent all my papers and I've got a plan for the classes so I can be there one year and transfer back to Florida. If I have to go to Dodge City, I'm still coming back to Gainesville."

Meanwhile, however, he waits for the mailman to bring him good news.

"Being at the University of Florida is what I've worked for," he said. "I think I got that point, but now I just have to wait for word that I did it. It's supposed to get here any time now, so I think we'll know pretty soon."

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