Gator Country announces new full-time writer

We're pleased to introduce to you our newest full-time writer who will be bringing the real inside scoop on the Florida Gators exclusively for Gator Country. He worked directly with the Florida Gator football coaches and brings a wealth of experience and perspective to us.

At Gator Country, we're not content to rest on our laurels as the best online publication covering the Florida Gators since 1996. We're always trying to bring the best to our members...

I'm proud to announce the hiring of Bob Redman as our latest full-time writer. He comes to us with lots of experience and connections in Florida Gator football. Bob worked directly for the coaches at UF - his title was Offensive Game Analysis Coordinator. We've posted his resume below for full details on his experience with the University of Florida. Needless to say, he brings a lot to the table.

Here's an interview with him and we'll be posting some "inside" photos of his former office and other shots tomorrow. Also, we'll be hosting a chat Sunday night at 9pm for Bob to answer any questions you may have, so mark it on your calendars!

Q: Welcome to Gator Country, Bob!

A: Thanks, Ray. I am very excited to be here, officially and finally.

Q: I'm sure our readers will appreciate your insight, so we're glad to have you onboard with us. You've actually been on Gator Country a long time, right?

A: Yes, dating back to about 1997 or so. I used to participate on the forums under GR8BIGG8R and more recently I switched to either Tiny or Tiny1.

Q: So, what brought you to Gator Country?

A: Well, being a diehard Gator fan all my life, i just love participating in Gator talk. I also would get a kick out of what people purposedly thought was inside information posted on the message boards. Given that GC is the largest of all the message boards, the likelihood of good information, and bad for that matter, was high. At first I would read and just be amazed at the amount of material that was out there being reported with all of the connected "insiders" on Gator Country. As time went by I would provide my own tidbits of information to the boards, mainly because I was impressed with the people in the GC community.

Q: Speaking of "insiders" can you give us a brief rundown of what you did at the University of Florida? I know we'll be posting your resume after this interview, but I thought we'd get a more personal response from you.

A: In a nutshell my main responsibilities to the football staff were to provide analysis of tendencies of our opponents for each game. Second, I would provide analysis of our own offensive tendencies so that we can break these tendencies and / or use them against the opponent. Third, I was responsible for drawing the entire offensive playbook and scouting reports during game weeks. There are many other responsibilities, including some with the recruiting process, but these are the ones I was hired to do.

Q: So you worked directly with the coaches sometimes?

A: I worked directly for the coaches all the time.

Q: Which coach did you work with the most?

A: I worked with the Offensive Coordinator the most. He was the one that had final say on playbooks and scouting of the opponent. During January, would work mainly with recruiting, but that was for all of the coaches.

Q: What was your most memorable moment on the job?

A: I started part time back in 1994, I was a cameraman for the 1996 National Championship. I did my work as the highest person (highest elevation) in the Superdome that night and the feeling afterward was of utmost satisfaction.

Q: How about your worst moment?

A: Has to be following the Ole Miss game this past season. It wasn't one memory, but the doom and gloom associated with the team was very thick. Thank goodness the players and team could put that aside to do great things for the following several weeks, but I have never felt more helpless until we beat LSU. That, by the way, would be my 2nd favorite moment.

Q: Since you're leaving your position with the University Athletic Association to be our full-time writer at Gator Country Insider, how does the football staff feel about that?

A: I can tell you I left the football staff on the absolute best of terms. I know everyone on the staff including the person taking my position. I feel like they have absolutely nothing but respect for me as I do them. I feel there is also a mutual trust that lends itself to being included on many levels.

Q: Tell us - what will you bring to the table for the members of Gator Country Insider?

A: Well, as an analyst for the staff, I can do lots of "breakdown" on our weekly opponents during the season. Also, as an analyst for our own offense, I can add absolute game analysis as it pertains to each game. As someone being close to every member of the current staff, I can bring inside information as to what is going on in the every day workings of the Gator program. As a former assistant in recruting, I can also add some real insight into what is going on with our recruiting along with many other things.

Q: Sounds like we're going to get the real "inside" scoop from you at times, doesn't it?

A: I have no problem stating that I can't imagine anyone from any other website having better access to the scoop than I have. I have come to know that Gator Country is and will be a very powerful tool. The voice of the people, both good and bad, is very important to the entire Gator Nation. And there is no bigger internet voice than Gator Country. I will use all my resources and knowledge to bring the best information possible to the members of Gator Country Insider while at the same time being respectful to the University of Florida so that we don't do any harm such as giving away silent commitments without the kid's permission.

Q: I know that since you used to work for the coaches as of yesterday, does this mean you'll see everything through "Orange and Blue" glasses when writing for us?

A: My standpoint on that is I have a job to do and that job is to bring accurate assesment of everything Gators. I plan on doing that job to its fullest -- that means that I will have to be critical when criticism is due. For instance, people talk about the bubble screen and our offense really are not getting the big picture. We ran 25 bubble screens all year and averaged 8 yards a play, not per catch, but per play. On the other hand, if people want to criticize the red zone offense they have every right to do so, because it was not what it needed to be. There are various reasons for that, but it is a bone of contention.

Q: Sounds great. What do you have in the pipeline for our readers?

A: Oh man, I am so excited! It seems that the staff has opened the pipeline for me. I have so many stories related to recruiting and the rest of what I know. For instance, an extensive post camp breakdown will be shortcoming, with what you might say, "real inside thoughts".

As promised, here's a copy of Bob's resume detailing his experience. We look forward to lots of great things from Bob for you at Gator Country!

Bob Redman (Hollywood Bob) Resume

[ 2002 - Present]

  • University of Florida Football Gainesville, FL Offensive Game Analysis Coordinator
  • Provide the Offensive coaching staff with extensive breakdowns of opponents' defense and their tendencies using game video footage.
  • Provide the Offensive coaching staff with an extensive self-scout evaluation, during and post season.
  • Compile and draw the players' scouting reports used to communicate the opponent's tendencies.
  • Continually develop and maintain a 24 station digital network, used to facilitate the teaching and learning of our offensive system. § Travel with the team for all games and set up meeting rooms for Saturday morning team video sessions.
  • Chart all offensive play calls for every game and use these play calls in our self-scout analysis.
  • Participate in live game discussions involving our own offensive tendencies and the tendencies of our opponent's defense.
  • Help facilitate the best recruiting visit in the NCAA, providing tech nical support and a positive outlook to prospective student/athletes.
  • Provide detailed reports on prospective student athletes, using various recruiting websites.
  • Compile and draw the playbooks used for the current offensive system.
  • Provide detailed analysis of the plays we run during practice.
  • Assist the coaches in fostering a healthy relationship with High School coaches by creating Clinic presentations for our annual Coaches Clinic.
  • Edit and copy DVDs for the instruction of our players education

[ 1998 - 2001]

  • University of Florida Football Gainesville, FL
  • Worked as assistant to the Game analysis coordinator, providing help in all areas mentioned above, but, for offense and defense.

[ 1994 - 1998]

  • University of Florida Football Gainesville, FL
  • Worked as a cameraman for all practices during this time frame.
  • Helped make highlights of recruits to expedite the coaches viewing of prospects.
  • Filmed the end zone shot of some games including the 1996 National Championship game in New Orleans.


  • 1998 - 2000 St. Leo University - B.A. Business / Management
  • 3.2 GPA

[Summary of qualifications]

  • 1996 – current GatorCountry Gainesville, FL resident
  • True Insider 
  • Maintained relationships with members of Gator Country for many years.
  • Pride myself in telling the truth.
  • Otherwise known as Tiny

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