Carlton Hill: Still undecided, enjoyed Miami camp

Quarterback Carlton Hill is entering his fourth year as a starter at Tallahassee Rickards and, most recently, Jefferson County High School. The 6'3 210 senior has thrown for over 2100 yards and 30 touchdowns the past two seasons.

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Hill is a tremendous athlete. He is often forced to use his athleticism to make plays while receivers are trying to break free downfield. That ability is not lost on college football recruiters throughout the country, who seemingly respect his desire to play quarterback, but will not rule out other options. The situation is much like that of University of Florida incoming freshman Cornelius Ingram, who was hotly recruited by the Gators and Florida State.

Mark McLeod: What schools are showing the most interest in you at this time?

Carlton Hill: "Miami, UF, Maryland, Purdue, Syracuse, USF, UCF, Louisville, and LSU"

Mark McLeod: As of now, what camps have you decided upon?

Carlton Hill: "Well, I've been the Miami camp. I'm going to try to attend a passing camp at Bethune-Cookman and probably USF, but I'm not sure about that one."

Mark McLeod: Is there a reason that you won't be able to attend other camps?

Carlton Hill: "I'm taking summer classes right now. I'm retaking a Spanish class. I want to get ahead there."

Mark McLeod: What impressed you the most about the Miami camp experience?

Carlton Hill: "They were real nice down there. It was a good experience. The coaching staff impressed me the most. I liked the family atmosphere too. There were a couple of players who were in the league that were hanging out there. Reggie Wayne. D. J. Williams, and Bob Marley's son, I forget his first name."

Mark McLeod: Which of the coaches recruiting you has impressed you the most?

Carlton Hill: "USF, the linebackers coach is recruiting me, UM's Coach Soldinger, and Purdue"

Mark McLeod: What are you looking for in a school?

Carlton Hill: "Do they have my major (Business or Criminology). I'll also look at their graduation rate. The football program. Well, the whole program. I'd like to go somewhere where the whole program is solid."

Mark McLeod: Obviously, you're an accomplished quarterback, but you're a tremendous overall athlete, as well. Have all of the coaches been recruiting you strictly as a quarterback?

Carlton Hill: "Quarterback is the position that I want to play. All of the coaches have told me that I can play quarterback, but if I feel that I can contribute at another position, then it's totally up to me if I want to move. I like quarterback, but I like wide receiver too. I played wide receiver first. But, I've played quarterback since the 8th grade in middle school."

Mark McLeod: How many years have you started in high school?

Carlton Hill: "Four years"

Mark McLeod: Have you narrowed a list of schools that you'll keep an eye on, or is this a process that you'll continue into and after the season?

Carlton Hill: "I'm not ready to do that. I'll probably do that later"

Mark McLeod: Do you consider yourself a student looking for a good school academically and athletically or an athlete looking for an opportunity to improve your game while getting an education?

Carlton Hill: "Both. Well, maybe more the first one. I want to go to a good school, but I also really want to go where they can help me improve my game"

Based on our conversation, I would say that Miami is presently the favorite. It appears the Canes are recruiting Hill aggressively and he certainly seems to have a high level of respect for them. Hill seemed very impressed by the guys that Miami has sent into the league. The University of South Florida appears to be recruiting Hill in much of the same manner that they went after Ingram. In my opinion, Hill has many of the skills of an Anquan Boldin and Ingram. He doesn't appear to have the blazing speed, but he has the stop and go moves that allow him to slide by a defender and look for a seam. At this point, I would say that Florida is a long way from being on his radar screen.

Check out our video of Hill - especially the second half where it showcases his elusiveness on the field.

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