BREAKING NEWS: Marcus Baker gets a call from Zook

Marcus Baker answered the phone today at 4:45pm just like he had hundreds of times before. But, this time it was special. Truly special. The voice on the other end was all too familiar. That voice belonged to Florida Head Coach Ron Zook.

"He called up and told me that I had a scholarship. After I got off of the phone, I ran around the house because I was just so happy. Me and my family are here talking and celebrating. We're just so happy."

The former Hawthorne High School All-State two sport performer said that he expects to start out at wide receiver and special teams based on previous conversations with the coaches. "Coach Zook didn't say anything about where I'd be or what to expect. He just told me to come out here and work hard. I have been working very hard to keep in shape this summer and improve. I'm going to show everybody that this scholarship is deserved. I'm going to come out and work hard. I've wanted to be a Gator forever. This fulfills a dream come true."

Marcus Baker said that he'll make the 20 minute drive to the stadium tomorrow morning to sign his University of Florida scholarship. "I'm just so glad that this happened. I didn't really know what I would do. I could walk-on, but I had other scholarship offers that I'd be turning down." Baker had told me in February that he was concerned because financially a scholarship would be hard to turn down. He didn't want to burden his family in that way.

Baker was about the leave to play some basketball with fellow Hawthorne and now fellow Gator teammate Cornelius Ingram at the Hornets gym. Based on the jubilant quiver in Baker's voice, Michael Jordan would have trouble hanging with him.

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