INSIDE LOOK: UF Women's Football Clinic

Over 500 women from as far away as California traveled to UF to join the coaching staff, their wives and players for the second annual Women's Football Clinic on Saturday, June 19, 2004 for a day of learning and laughter.

The morning's activities included panels that featured question and answer sessions with Coach Zook, the coaches wives, the players and others involved with all aspects of the football program. Topics covered ranged from strength and conditioning, nutrition, game rules and the questions were always interesting and often hysterically funny.

Player's Panel L to R Todd McCullough, Channing Crowder, Corey Bailey, Ciatrick Fason, OJ Small, Mike Degory

One of the funniest moments of the day (there were many) was when "volunteers" from the audience got the opportunity to strip off the individual players equipment and uniforms piece by piece while the coaches explained their purpose and cost. Needless to say, the volunteers really enjoyed their jobs and the crowds were hooting and hollering while the players were great sports. The players later answered questions from the audience and some of those answers can be found below.

Volunteers "strip" down players.

After lunch the audience split into groups and the coaches put on individual presentations that used film to explain the offense, defense and special teams that UF employs. Each session ended with a period of question and answers.

Double D (Coach Dixon) shows some stripping techniques

The women were treated to a complete tour of the facilities including the locker room and weight room and new skyboxes. After the tour the group then went out onto Florida Field to participate in the same drills the players use to increase their football skills.

The day ended with the ladies joining Coach Zook in the locker room to experience a pre-game speech and then followed him out onto the field after rubbing the alligator nose to the strains of Mick's "H-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-e Comes the Gators!"

The ladies and Coach Zook run out of the tunnel, much to the envy of many a male Gator fan...

Players who volunteered and attended the Women's Clinic: Ciatrick Fason, Channing Crowder, Cory Bailey, O.J. Small, Lance Butler, Mike DeGory, Matt Leach, Skylar Thornton, Earl Everett, Billy Latsko, Casey Griffith, Todd McCullough, Zephrin Augustine, Brandon Siler and Markell Thompson.

Some of their comments are recorded below…

Question: What is the toughest stadium to play in?

Answer: After some discussion the panel agreed that Death Valley was the toughest and that the fans knew how to party!

Question: Corey Bailey was asked how he got picked to jump on top of the players at pre-game.

Answer: Cory explained that his good friend Marquand Manual had started the tradition and when he left he passed the baton to Cory. (We think he does a great job!)

Question: The panel was asked if they had any superstitions and traditions?

Answer: Most of the panel admitted they had traditions they keep with lucky clothing. Channing Crowder said he had worn the same shirt for every game since 8th grade and it had never been washed. (Whatever he is doing with that shirt it is working!)

Question: Channing Crowder was asked why he chose UF when so many schools around the nation wanted him.

Answer: "UF and Gainesville have the most beautiful campus and was the best academically, athletically and socially.

Question: What is the biggest obstacle to playing college football?

Answer: Todd McCullough said injuries and the rest of the panel agreed.

Question: What SEC team plays the dirtiest?

Answer: After much discussion the players agreed that distinction belongs to the UT Volunteers.

Question: How did the team keep its focus when the ACC officials were robbing them of the game?

Answer: Ciatrick Fason said that they knew they needed to keep playing and that the team needs to finish games and put them so far out of reach that officials cannot affect the outcome.

Question: Is the rumor true about intercourse within 24 hours of a game saps your strength?

Answer: Channing Crowder exited stage left at a high rate of speed when this question was posed. The players assured the audience that the coaches had them locked down long before 24 hours before the games so this old wives tail has not been clinically tested at UF.

Question: With all of the water and Gatorade that the players drink what do they do when they have to go to the bathroom on the sidelines?

Answer: Take care of it nonchalantly on one knee by the bench.

Question: Why do they call it football?

Answer: We promised not to tell… you have to attend next year to find out!

(Publisher's Note: Last year the Women's Clinic had 450 participants - this year over 600. Next year promises to be even larger, so make sure you sign up next year when it's announced so you don't miss out. It's a great experience and at $50 a pop it's well worth it...)

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