RECRUITING: Spencer Adkins has Miami as favorite

A DNA analysis might be in order for coaches scouting Naples linebacker Spencer Adkins. You see, he occasionally trades in his football prowness for a spot on Golden Eagle Comic Relief Team. Last season, he switched jerseys with a fellow teammate who had a similar body type, just to fool college coaches who had come to scout him. Fortunately for those coaches in attendance, the Naples staff let the cat out of the bag.

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Mark McLeod: What has been your focus this summer?

Spencer Adkins: "Lifting. I'm trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I haven't attended any camps at all. I'm just focused on getting better. I really want that ring."

Mark McLeod: What have you patterned your workout routine with high school coaches, personal trainer, or advice from a college player?

Spencer Adkins: "No. Everything that I've done has been the routine that our high school coaches have taught us. Coach (Sam) Dollar has been a big inspiration to me."

Mark McLeod: Is everybody recruiting you as a linebacker? Has anybody mentioned D-End?

Spencer Adkins: "No. Everybody is recruiting me at linebacker. That's where I'll play."

Mark McLeod: Which teams are recruiting you the hardest?

Spencer Adkins: "I would say Georgia, Florida, LSU, and Florida State."

Mark McLeod: Have you determined your visit list?

Spencer Adkins: "Right now it's Florida, Florida State, Georgia, and Ohio State. I'm going to take an unofficial to Miami."

Mark McLeod: Is there a school that you have looked at as a favorite?

Spencer Adkins: "I've been a Miami fan all of my life."

Mark McLeod: Of all of the coaches recruiting you, who has been the most impressive and why?

Spencer Adkins: "Zook. Because he talks to you like you're a person. He talks straightforward. He doesn't get into this business of trying just to get you to go to their school. I like his aggressiveness too."

Mark McLeod: Who else has made a strong impression on you?

Spencer Adkins: "Richt. He's straight up. He also talks to you about other things besides football."

Mark McLeod: What will be that one thing that does it for you when it comes time to determine which college is best for you?

Spencer Adkins: "Well, it will be one way -- that moment that I step on campus and just feel like this is the place for me. That will be the thing that lets me know where to go. It'll be wherever I feel the most comfortable."

Mark McLeod: Are you an athlete looking for a school to help improve your game while getting an education or do you consider yourself a student-athlete trying to get an education, while trying to go to a school that can help me athletically?

Spencer Adkins: "No, I'm an athlete who is is looking to improve his game. I really think that any of the schools that I attend will give me a good education"

Mark McLeod: What will you major in?

Spencer Adkins: "Business"

Mark McLeod: If you had to arrange three criteria...depth chart, education, and coaching staff in level of importance to you, what would they be?

Spencer Adkins: "Coaching staff, depth chart, and education"

Mark McLeod: What games do you most want to witness on your recruiting visits?

Spencer Adkins: "Of all the games that I could attend this fall, I'd like to go to the state match ups the most. I'm really looking forward to the season opener between Miami and Florida State. I'd also like to go to the Florida/FSU game. I'll probably stay in state."

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