RECRUITING: AJ Trump has Florida in the mix

In my first interview with him, AJ Trump could not have been an easier person to talk to. Since I had missed him earlier, he was gracious enough to return my call and snagged me just as I was hailing a cab in downtown Atlanta after meeting with famed recruiting analyst, Jamie Newberg. Undeterred, we conducted the interview as the cabbie flew through the streets…

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A.J. Trump C / OG 6'4" 293 lbs
Clearwater Central Catholic HS

The Florida Gators will have a dire need on the offensive line next year. Knowing that, expect Coach Joe Wickline and staff to sign more than a handful of linemen including some from each of the center, guard and tackle spots.

This is where AJ Trump could come into the picture – he is one of the top players in the state of Florida at any position. Some may have never heard of AJ because playing on the offensive line isn't exactly a glamorous position that gets much publicity. But make no mistake, the college coaches know exactly who this guy is.

Talking with AJ Trump on the phone you hear nothing but a respectful and polite young man. According to most that have seen the Clearwater Central Catholic HS center, he is anything but polite on the field. Many colleges have taken notice of his talents and this bulldozer of an offensive lineman will have his pick of schools before all is said and done.

With regards to the recruiting process and what it means, he said, "I guess the recognition is nice." He then told us that the worst day of recruiting so far was the 1st day that coaches could call because he wasn't home much of the day and missed all those calls. He felt like he owed it to each coach that called to call them back and talk to them.

At the same time, he is serious about his future intentions. He plans on participating in a few camps later this summer and when asked if he has any personal goals, he says, "I want to be in the Army All-American Game" and that he would like "nothing less than a state title."

He definitely wants to get better. AJ plans on camping at the Notre Dame One Day camp, the UF One Day camp in July, and at the "Down and Dirty" camp in Lakeland. When asked if Notre Dame is his favorite, he said "Once you start looking around, the mixture of school and football doesn't get any better than Notre Dame." He has rooted for Notre Dame since growing up. However, "The only things wrong with the school is how far away it is and how cold it gets."

His list of top 5 schools are: Notre Dame, Florida State, Florida, Georgia, and Maryland. He says he has been a Florida State fan all of his life and that if he had to make a choice today they would certainly be in the top 2. Coach Dickey is recruiting him for Florida State.

When asked about Florida he says: "Coach Wickline has made it quite clear about their situation on the offensive line and their starting center would be gone in a maximum of 2 years." Coach Wickline is his area recruiter and AJ also said he knows the "Gators are heading in the right direction" and that "they are close to home."

On Georgia, AJ says that "Mark Richt is a good coach, and he has turned that program around."

With Maryland, "I have talked to Coach Friedgen a few times and they are heading in the right direction."

When asked if he is leaving his options open, AJ states, "Well when it comes time, I have to make the decision that is best for me both for school and football."

Mr. Trump will play on the offensive line this fall but will also be asked to start at Defensive Tackle for his team and play a little bit of Defensive End.

AJ Trump will be one hot commodity both on and off the field. Expect to hear more about him later in the year when things heat up on the football field.

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