Gator News And World Report (06/29/04)

The Gator News and World Report for Tuesday, June 29, 2004. UF's McArthur Returns To Competitive Play; Is Trouble Lurking?; What Is This Guy Selling?; Free Enterprise; UF's athletics ranked 6th best; Assistant coach visits Auburn and more...

Florida Gator Baseball

UF's McArthur Returns To Competitive Play
He had to travel more than 1,400 miles and wait three days, but University of Florida infielder Brandon McArthur returned to competitive baseball.

Assistant coach visits Auburn
Florida's third base coach Tom Slater is a former assistant for the Tigers.

Florida Gator Football & Recruiting

Is Trouble Lurking?
Among the bombardment of phone calls during recruiting season, one type disheartens Countryside High football coach John Davis more than any other.

What Is This Guy Selling?
His future aspiration in his left hand and his complex past in his right, Jim Terry knows more than you think as he sits down at a conference table.

Free Enterprise
The guy who wasn't big enough to make an impact on Gaither's football team in 1994 realized he didn't stand out when it mattered a whole lot more.

Florida Gator Roundup

UF's athletics ranked 6th best
Georgia's trip to the CWS put the Bulldogs in fifth place in the national all-sports annual list.

Florida Gator Basketball

Drejer drafted by the Nets?
The NBA Draft wasn't something UF fans had to pay attention to this year. Anthony Roberson was staying put; all was well for Gator Nation.

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