RECRUITING: Bryan Evans - three way threat

Florida's First Coast has produced some of our nation's supreme football talent in recent years. That is especially true at Jacksonville's Ed White High School. This year is no exception. Byron Evans will wear the crown in 2004.

Evans is a three-way weapon who is garnering attention coast to coast. Offensively, the 6'0 177 All-American averaged over 11.1 yards per carry as a junior. Defensively, he earned All-First Coast honors with five interceptions. Evans also returned seven kickoffs for touchdowns. "'I'm being recruited on both sides of the ball by just about everybody. LSU told me that they wanted me both ways at wide receiver and corner. Georgia told me they want to use me like Champ Bailey and Tennessee wants me as a wide receiver and corner." he said. "Florida is just recruiting me as a corner. All of them have talked to me about special teams"

Regardless, of when, where, or how often Evans lines up, new Commanders Coach Terry Gilliam will certainly benefit during this transition year. Former Coach Dan Disch left the school to become Florida's defensive backs coach. Evans also has a few other things up his sleeve to keep things loose.

"I'm the team clown. I like to crack jokes and keep everybody loose. Coach Gilliam has a funny walk and I'll walk around like him and make everybody laugh. I also took that yellow caution tape and put it on my helmet the week of the Raines game and wear it during practice and tell everybody to watch out." Evans doesn't have to worry -- from Baton Rouge to Gainesville to Coral Gables, they'll be watching!

Mark McLeod: What has been your focus this summer?

Bryan Evans: "Pretty much strength and speed. I have good acceleration on my 40 time, but I wanted to work on that and my finish. Just wanted to get better. I've spent a lot of time looking at film too."

Mark McLeod: What have you patterned your workout routine with - high school coaches, personal trainer, or advice from college player?

Bryan Evans: "I talk to Dee (Webb) a lot and he helps me out a lot. Dee was up at the school working out a couple of days this week. We're working the same program that Coach Disch had us using here. Coach Gilliam is a carbon copy of Coach Disch. He's a really good coach."

Mark McLeod: There have been some tremendous corners to come out of the First Coast area. Who have you admired the most?

Bryan Evans: "Dee Webb, Lito Sheppard, and Dawayne Grace. My cousin is Tony Carter who just went to FSU. Dee and I competed a lot during the younger days. We played on the same Pop Warner team since we were real young. Of course I played with Dawayne too."

Mark McLeod: Is everybody recruiting you as a corner? Has anybody mentioned running back?

Bryan Evans: "I'm being recruited on both sides of the ball by just about everybody. LSU told me that they wanted me both ways at wide receiver and corner. Georgia told me they want to use me like Champ Bailey and Tennessee wants me as a wide receiver and corner. Florida is just recruiting me as a corner"

Mark McLeod: Which teams are recruiting you the hardest?

Bryan Evans: "LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Michigan. I grew up liking FSU too. Miami is not recruiting me as hard as other teams"

Mark McLeod: Have you determined your visit list?

Bryan Evans: "I'll leave that open for now. I want to see how the season goes for each school"

Mark McLeod: Is there a school that you have looked at as a favorite?

Bryan Evans: "Not really. LSU is sending me letters everyday. Coach Saban came down to the school during spring practice. That meant a lot for him to come all the way over here"

Mark McLeod: Of all of the coaches recruiting you, who has been the most impressive and why?

Bryan Evans: "Coach Smart at LSU. He's real easy to talk to. He really boosts you up and makes you feel better about things"

Mark McLeod: Who else has made a strong impression on you?

Bryan Evans: "Fedora (Florida) and Coach Seamonson at Maryland"

Mark McLeod: What will be that one thing that does it for you when it comes time to determine which college is best for you?

Bryan Evans: "I'll go to a school that I have an even opportunity to play. I'm just want an opportunity to go and earn a position"

Mark McLeod: Are you an athlete looking for a school to help improve your game while getting an education or do you consider yourself a student-athlete trying to get an education, while trying to go to a school that can help you athletically?

Bryan Evans: "Athlete."

Mark McLeod: You have tremendous cut back ability, what have coaches told you about special teams?

Bryan Evans: "Yeah. Thanks. A lot of teams have told me that I'd have an opportunity to play special teams. The one thing they all seem to like about me is that I have patience. You have to be patient when returning kicks and punts and wait for things to open up"

Mark McLeod: If you had to arrange three criteria - depth chart, education, and coaching level of importance to you, what would they be?

Bryan Evans: "Education, because my parents insist that I get a good education. Coaching staff, because you have to have good coaches, and depth chart"

Mark McLeod: What games do you most want to witness on your recruiting visits?

Bryan Evans: "LSU and Florida, Florida and Florida State, Florida State and Miami, Florida and Tennessee. I want to see all of the down south games"

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