The Redman Reaction: Q & A on the Offense

Since "Hollywood Bob" possesses an innate knowledge of the offensive system of the Florida Gators, among other things, he's been answering questions posed by many of our members on our famous Insider Den forums. Here he gives good insight into the offense and what to expect from Coach Fedora as offensive coordinator this year.

Here's a sneak peek at some of his answers (and questions) that you may be missing out on as a non-subscriber of Gator Country Insider. Be sure to also check into our chat room nightly as Bob often drops in to answer more questions and give us the real inside scoop on many things.

Here you go ---

Q: In your opinion as knowing about the offense, what are some key differences between Zaun and Fedora?

A: It's really hard to answer this one without a season with Fedora as coordinator. What I really think is that the play calling will be different due to the maturity of the Quarterback and the rest of this team in the offensive scheme.

Q: What part did Fedora play in designing or calling plays last year? If he called plays what was his percentage of playcalling vs Zaun's?

A: They all worked as a group to design the ofense. Nothing was forced on anyone to design the plays we ran last year. Fedora at most called 20 plays last year. The plays he called were only called when coach Zaun asked for a play due to the alignment of the defense. And the only reason for that is Fedora was in the box and could see alignments better.

Q: We know Fedora had success with Middle Tenn State as OC but in your opinion will that style of play do well in the SEC?

A: I honestly think this staff's plans for games as well as any. Having come from the roots they did, they have always had to "game plan" to beat the bigger teams on their schedule. Having said that, they aren't right every play or even every game about their overall game plan. Still, having everyone on the same page is key when running any game plan, and 3 years into it we will start seeing more and more of that.

Q: I was told the up-tempo style of offense Fedora runs is not duplicated by any other team. Is this correct? If so it should be interesting and I hope it works.

A: Actually the up-tempo is nothing more than dictating tempo. This offense wants to be able to snap the ball with the full play clock at any time. What this will do is force teams to line up quickly, then the QB or sideline coach can make a play adjustment for how the defense is aligned. Also, by controlling the tempo you tire the team out mentally. It will pay off this year.

Q: How well does Zaun and Fedora work together, since one was demoted while the other promoted? I assume at that level, guys have fairly big egos.

A: I skipped the previous question along these lines, but I think I can handle ths one. These guys are professionals. Both now have been at the pinacle of their professions as Offensive Coordinators. They both have produced well at the Division 1 level. Staff meetings and practices are nothing but professional for these two.

Q: Out of this year's offense, who do you see as the vocal leader? Leak from all accounts leads by example but is the silent type, is there one who is a vocal motivator? Or do we even need one?

A: I think we will see more of it out of Leak. He will be vocal in that he will pat the guys on the back and say something, good play or bad. I also think that C-4 is a vocal leader and will be this year. Another guy would be Mo Mitchell, if he can crack that starting line-up.

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