WORKOUT REPORT: Chris Leak better watch out

Every report I have ever read about voluntary and even involuntary workouts usually mentions that Chris Leak is the first one to practice. Not today. <b>SEE ALSO: <a href=>Photo Gallery #1</A> - <a href=>Photo Gallery #2</a> - <A href=> Photo Gallery #3</a> - <a href=> Photo Gallery #4</a>.</b>

Mr. Leak will have to take a back seat to two of the new guys on the block as Javier Estopinan and Mike Mangold were out at the practice field far earlier than anyone else. It is a welcome sight for these Gator Eyes to see the exuberance of the youth out there and especially when one of the two was feared to not be even on campus right now.

Mother Nature postponed Summer B's first workout yesterday. Not to be deterred, almost the full squad of non-linemen showed up today instead. Today the skill players on both sides of the ball got together to duel and improve themselves. The session started out in two halves as the defense practiced on the field closest to the O'Connell Center parking lot and the offense practiced on the practice field closest to the track field.

After about 30 minutes, the two halves felt like meeting for a little Pass -skel action.

Of special note, the receivers seemed to be making some great catches but some were seen doing push-ups after a dropped ball. For some this is certainly the first time in a little while they have actually gone out there and thrown and caught the ball. I'd say the defensive guys looked pretty good today and the starting corners of Dee Webb and Reynaldo Hill practiced a bunch.

The following is a list of the guys I saw out there today. Be aware that I may have missed someone, but I think I am pretty close on this list.

QB - Chris Leak, Matt Kynes, Cornelius Ingram

TB - Marcus Manson, DuJuan Lawrence

FB - Eric Rutledge

WR - Jemalle Cornelius, Chad Jackson, Bubba Caldwell, OJ Small, Reggie Lewis, Kenneth Tookes, Dallas Baker, Mike McIntosh

TE - David Kenner, Markell Thompson, Brian Crum, Dane Guthrie, Tate Casey, Darrell Carpenter

LB - Channing Crowder, Travis Harris, Earl Everett, Javier Estopinan, Brandon Siler, Richard Brown

CB - Reynaldo Hill, Dee Webb, Jermaine McCullom, Tremain McCullom, Dawayne Grace

Saf - Corey Bailey, Terrance Holmes, Jarvis Herring, Tony Joiner, Kyle Jackson, Nick Brooks

Dallas Baker stood out a few times. Once he caught the ball with a one-handed grab the players let out a big "Oooohhhh!!!!" He also burned Reynaldo Hill one time and when Reynaldo lost his balance, Dallas did the finger pointing into the end-zone.

The QB rotation was Leak, Kynes, and then Ingram. Chris Leak and Channing Crowder stood out as the guys stepping up to help the young guys out there that were participating. It took almost an hour into the entire practice before the young guys were getting after it. Once they did, the older guys stepped up to give them a hand. They still were a little slow in their routes and coverages.

The starting receivers were Dallas Baker, Jemalle Cornelius, and OJ Small. Bubba Caldwell didn't start but looked good when he was in. The same can be said for Reggie Lewis and Kenneth Tookes.

Dee Webb stood out. He really looks like he trimmed down a little and may be faster.

It was really good to see all of the expected starters in the defense out there today and playing hard. The one problem was they didn't seem to want to give up the field too much.

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