6/30 Workout Photo Gallery #1

Continuing a grand Gator Country tradition, we have a virtual cornucopia of photos from today's voluntary player workouts. See how the freshmen look and watch the upperclassmen as they go through the paces. This is first in a series of four photo galleries....

Chad Jackson lines up against one of the McCullom twins.

A new linebacker emerged on the depth chart as Bam Hardmon showed up to take on Brian Crum.

Nick Brooks has coverage on OJ Small as Travis Harris chases down the back out of the backfield.

Jemalle Cornelius and Bam Hardmon look on as Dallas Baker streaks for the ball in the background.

Brian Crum, jogs to the practice field, in the background is Channing Crowder

Mike Mangold is a pretty put together guy, but not next to Channing Crowder.

Earl Everett is happy as he heads out to practice.

Ummmm, Earl, wrong game man!!!

Richard Brown didnt play a lot today. He looks big enough to play linebacker.

Chris Leak warms up before practice.

Cornelius Ingram looks all smiles as he wanders on to the practice filed for the first time as a Gator.

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