FOOTBALL: 7/6 Summer Workout Detailed Report

<img src= align=left>You can really see that the work-outs have a design to them. The players in charge (Leak and Crowder) are mapping out a direction for the work-outs. They have a different set of routes and coverages to work on... (<b>SEE ALSO:</b> <A href=>Photo Gallery #1</a> and <a href=>Photo Gallery #2</a>) that eventually they will cover them all and have ample reps with them.

Roll Call from memory:

QBs - Leak, Midgett, Ingram, Kynes, and new walk-on QB Jeff Whittaker. RBs - Fason, Thornton, and Lawrence. FB - Latsko WRs - Baker, Caldwell, Cornelius, Small, Lewis, Jackson, Tookes, McIntosh, Marcus Baker, Tim Higgins TEs - Kenner, Thompson, Guthrie, Casey, Carpenter, Crum, Cain LBs - Crowder, McCullough, Richard Brown, Siler, Estopinan, Alvin Butler DBs - Webb, Hill, Twins, Brown, Augustine, Joiner, Bailey, Herring, Holmes

First time guys, C-4, Zep Augustine, Todd Mac, Vernell Brown. Marcus Baker.Whittaker, Butler, Augustine.

Follow My Lead

You can really see that the work-outs have a design to them. The players in charge (Leak and Crowder) really seem to be mapping out a direction for the work-outs to go. They seem to have a different set of routes and coverages to work on, so that eventually they will cover them all and have ample reps with them. Today seemed like it was more of the mid range In and / or out routes.

The work-out started a little different today, after warming up they went directly into a one on one mode with receivers vs DBs and LBs vs TEs and RBs.

Deep Routes Are Us

If the players have any say in it, it looks lie we will be throwing the ball deep more this year. You can really see the quarterbacks settling down and finding the right guys going deep. Although a few times they settled down too much and were picked off. Starting receivers, Jamelle Cornelius, Kenner, Bubba, and OJ Small in the slot. First pass deep and complete to OJ, running a nice 20+ yard corner route from the inside receiver spot.

Change for a Dime?

Again you get the sense that they are very regimented in what they are going through out there. They practiced a lot of nickel defense today. In turn that meant that Richard Brown got to see a lot of time out there with Crowder and an extra DB played up. Dee Webb, Reynaldo Hill started at corner. Starting safeties were Bailey and Herring, with J-Twin playing the nickel.

More on the DBs

Reynaldo Hill told me he wants more action his way and that he would love to see more thrown his direction so he can make breaks on the ball. Then he went out and did just that -- knocked down a beautifully thrown ball to another receiver. Dee Webb deceived me the other day with his size. I thought he looked smaller; it now looks like he just lost some of his baby fat. He just looks more cut this year.

Coach Crowder?

Channing is the constant coach talking trash when he thinks things are not excited enough. He is the one right in the middle of each defensive play showing the new guys where they are supposed to fall back in coverage. And as any good pupil would do, Brandon Siler made a nice break on the ball and deflected a pass intended for Brian Crum.

This Receiving Corps Will Be Special

I know people are worried about this guy or that guy leaving, but these guys really like being together and on the same team. The receivers have a lot of camaraderie. They are a fiercely fast group and the smallest guys really are working out and making a difference in the weight room. Reggie Lewis showed his wares today, he made some really great catches on some deep corner routes from the slot receiver spot. Dallas to one side and Bubba and Chad to other side of a three receiver set. Dallas burns his guy on the play but, man, there is some serious speed on the field these days. And to think the fastest guy (Cornelius) wasn't even mentioned in that sentence. Vernell taunted the new freshman Mike McIntosh. Not to be outdone by his fellow upper-class receivers, Mike left him at the line of scrimmage. Chad Jackson makes a nice grab, keeping his body between himself and Reynaldo Hill, he then spikes the ball showing off for his compadres.

OJ dropped the ball, I know I highlighted it last week, but he always drops to the ground and does 10 push-ups to atone for it. He is certainly one of the example setters of the offense. He rarely drops any, and when I razzed him about it after practice, he told me it was one too many. (That's your boy GatorRon24!)

Staying Out Of Their Way

I had a couple of players come over to me and complain about another photographer that was attending the practice. I have made it a point to stay in the clear and let the guys conduct their practice. My years of experience has taught me that the guys want to be serious when they want to be serious, I will not get in their way. I don't stop them or ask them to pose because they are there for one reason and that is to get better. I hope you enjoy what I can pull from the workouts and understand my position.

One last note: A certain rumor on the internet said that Justin Midgett had concerns in the classroom, well he dispelled that rumor in one swift statement when he bragged about only having one class this semester. He can't be in too serious shape now, can he?

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