FOOTBALL: 7/8 Summer Work(rain)out Report

<img src= align=right>There wasn't much to talk about today as only about 15 guys or so showed up to talk to each other in the rain. I hung out under Bud Fernandez's covered shelter and took a few pictures from a distance. I think rather than turn an ankle or something, they decided not to do their normal workouts. Then Chris Leak got the call that workouts were cancelled due to the weather. (Photos included!)

The workouts are indeed voluntary and not scripted, but the players' safety always comes first. The slightest hint of lightning in the area means they have to get off the field.

I wandered the halls and the weight room facility of the stadium today. I happened to get a few glimpses of some of the freshmen we haven't seen at the skill position workouts. First, one that stood out was Phil Trautwein. He looks like he has really put some work in the weight room. Maybe all the internet chatter about him not being physically ready has motivated him, heh. I talked to him a good bit on his official recruiting visit so I had ample time to size him up physically and mentally. The guy is very smart and I remember him looking a little light in the shoulders. I see a nice transition already from that weekend in January.

I also noticed Derrick Harvey as he was doing a little weight lifting. Derrick isn't far from contributing physically, but he isn't quite there yet. He certainly looks like he came to school in good shape, but maybe needs to build up a little strength. I look for good things for this guy in the future.

Look for a report on the rest of the linemen early next week.

Here are a couple of rumors to dispel. One, I was asked about Mo Mitchell and the possible move back to defense in the off-season… The O-Line and D-Line were working out today and Mo was definitely working with the O-Line. That pretty much assures us that the rumor as of now wasn't correct. The other rumor was about Joe Cohen slacking off in the weight room and workouts. It definitely isn't true. Joe is a beast and he looks like he is in great shape as seen by my own eyes. Now, I haven't been to every workout, but it doesn't look he has missed many if any. (Insert bad scooter joke here.)

That's about it for today. Just so everyone knows these aren't the only workouts, just the pass-skel workouts for the skill positions. They work out with the strength coach just about everyday. He is allowed to be out there by the NCAA for safety reasons. These workouts are closed and no real football is allowed

From left to right: Brandon Siler, Markell Thompson, Chris Leak, Ciatrick Fason, and Mike McIntosh

Bradon Siler and Mike McIntosh walk off the field together

Tim Higgins, Chris Leak, and Markell Thompson.

Apparently some don't like getting wet. ;)

Leak getting the call to cancel the voluntary workouts...

Look at how Markell towers over Siler...

Players trot off the field after workouts are cancelled.

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