FOOTBALL: 7/9 Early Morning Summer Workout

<img src= align=right>As part of GatorCountry's never-ending quest to bring you the very best coverage we can, I had to go undercover and snag some early morning workout photos for you. Next time I get up at 5am for this I sure hope some of you pester my boss here, Ray (Solari) to make sure I'm adequately compensated with hot muffins and hot, fresh coffee!

Anyway, here's a report on some of the linemen that you've been wondering about…

The early morning workouts don't involve any play by play action or throwing the ball, etc. It's mostly a physical and stretching regimen and it's all monitored by Coach Rob Glass and his assistants. So there's really not much action out there, but we'll talk about some of the guys I saw this morning. Now, remember I'm doing my best to stay out of the way because the last thing we want to do is bother the players while they're working very hard. That's why some of the photos are grainy or blurry because of the need to use maximum zoom under early morning low-light conditions.

One of the funniest myths on campus is the "Football Player & Scooter Myth." The legend has it that if you sign a scholarship to play football at UF, Santa Claus shows up at your door with a scooter. Looking at this picture before the workout, you'd think the legend is indeed true. I usually think of it in terms of what mom and dad can afford now that Junior isn't raiding the fridge everyday. The fact is, most of the parents of these guys can easily afford a scooter when they don't have to feed and clothe them anymore. Plus it's a heck of a lot cheaper than cars that can run, at least.

Again someone asked about Joe Cohen the other day. They heard he wasn't participating in the workouts and was getting out of shape. Contrary to rumors out there, he sure looks like he's been working out quite hard.

Jon Colon stretches and has been taking real careful care of his back. The Martial Arts Blackbelt (yes, really!) is pretty limber for his size. He told me today he was 100% healthy.

Lance Butler is definitely one of the leaders on the Offensive Line. Here he leads the O-Line in a post workout stretch.

This is one of our favorite photos! Colon, Casey Griffith, and Degory look up at the mountain of bleachers one last time as they muster up what's left of their energy before they climb it again.

In the off-season, one thing I like to do is take pictures of more than one player so you can compare and contrast their sizes to one another. Here you see Mike Degory and Marcus Thomas finshing a rep of the stadium.

The freshmen do a lot of their workouts together. Class camaraderie is a big thing they push here at UF. They are noticeably worn out in the picture here as they huddle together at the end of practice. Somone asked about the hamstring on Kyle Jackson, I didn't ask, but it looks like he (far left) has it wrapped. That is Phil Trautwein closest with Javier Estopinan looking at him. Michael Brown is on the far right.

Steven Harris and Eric Holcombe finish a rep on the stairs.

Ray McDonald has the wild hair thing going on today. ;)

Michael Brown was caught off guard in this pic. He looks like a DT to me. He might need to get rid of a little baby fat but he's going to be a player.

Jeremy Mincey looks like he could go a few more rounds of the stadium, right after working out. That's Jarvis Moss walking up behind him. This guy is ultra ripped.

Mo Mitchell (left) and Carlton Medder race to the top on this go around. Mo won the lineman award for Iron-Gator in the Spring, Carlton has changed his body a lot since his arrival on campus.

Marcus Thomas and Jo Cohen take a liquid break during the workout. Trainers and strength coaches are allowed to be out there during this time so that they can make sure the guys are ok and hydrated.

After the workout, the O-Line still has energy enough to run off the field. That is a good sign.

Here is your O-Line for 2004. They're taking turns walking the stadium.

I missed getting a good shot of him today, but here is Jason Watkins. From my recollection during his recruiting visit, he looks like he has gained a little mass in his neck and arms.

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