Rising Senior Camp Photo Gallery #1

<img src=http://www246.pair.com/autoybkh/albums/album95/DSCF0010.thumb.jpg align=right>Here's exclusive Gator Country photos of July's Rising Senior Camp held at Florida Field. Plenty of action shots and stills of some of the hottest football high school prospects in the nation. Also, catch a photo finish of a race between OJ, Morley, Carlos Thomas, and Bryan Evans.

View of the beginning of camp at Florida Field. Plenty of campers!

In one of the big races of the day (where they do the 40 times), we've got super fast guys lined up and ready to go: Dee Morley, OJ Murdock, Carlos Thomas, and Bryan Evans from right to left.

Same guys, mid-race. They're really flying down the field...

...and the photo finish with OJ in first place with the lean! His time was overheard as 4.35.

Gabe McKenzie from LA (Lower Alabama, that is...)

That's another photo of O.J. Murdock.

No. 90 is Tommie Duhart, Gator legacy.

No. 24 Dee Morley and No. 4 Bryan Evans look on to "Double D" during camp.

Jarvis Kyles preparing to run, with brother Nick behind him, and Gabe McKenzie behind him.

Gabe McKenzie going through drills.

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