Day One: News & Notes from Rising Senior Camp

<img src= align=right>It wouldn't be too accurate to call this the slowest day of camp, because they run the 40 yard dashes. Since this is just a combine type of day, the 40's is all we got to see. Despite that, a lot of big names were out there today participating in the University of Florida's Rising Senior Camp on a torrid summer day at Florida Field.

QB, Ryan Perrilloux of New Orleans was probably the highest profile recruit to visit this weekend. Let me just say, although he didn't participate in the combine stuff due to an injury, he is completely impressive. The guy can flat out throw the football. He is tall and looks athletic. Like I said, he has a leg injury that kept him from participating, but was impressive just standing and throwing the football to Gabe McKenzie(TE) out of Alabama. There were a few other high profile QB's there including Chris Alexander from Riverview HS, but we will have more on them tomorrow when they do some more throwing.

RB Briceton Wilson of Wakulla HS is probably the top rated RB that participated the first day of the Rising Senior Camp. He has impressive size (see photo), and held his own out there.

TE's included the above mentioned Gabe McKenzie, an ultra impressive as noted by all the attention given him by the UF coaches. Andrew McCain, another highly regarded Alabama tight end., Stephen Gowland from Parkside HS in Atlanta Ga, and Tommie DuHart (Belle Glades) were a few more of the notables.

WRs included Carlos Thomas, OJ Murdock, and Eric Sledge.

Defensive Linemen that looked physically impressive included Vladimir Richards and Justin Mincey.

Linebackers, a great need for the Gators this year, included Jerome Hayes of Bayonne (NJ) and Phillip Dillard of Jenks (OK). Both are nationally rated LB prospects.

Not to be outdone, the DBs had an impressive list of talent led by Miami‘s Demetrius Morley and Jacksonville's Bryan Evans,

The Offensive Line was not well represented as far as a nationally known basis. That's because of the linemen camps already held last month. We'll still check tomorrow and see if anyone surprises us.

The highlight of the first day was definitely the square-off of the fastest campers who ran the 40's in one final heat. The winner was O.J. Murdock with a blazing timed 4.34 second 40. He barely beat out Demetrius Morley, Bryan Evans and Carlos Thomas. We have a nice series of pictures in the photo gallery of this particular run and a photo finish, so make sure you catch those.

A big fat birdie told me to expect a few more name guys that didn't show for the first day of camp. Look for a much more comprehensive look at the camp tomorrow afternoon.

Make sure you catch the three photo galleries we've posted after this story. There's some great shots and we'll have much more tomorrow for you with lots of details.

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