Day 2: News & Notes from Rising Senior Camp, #2

<img src= align=right>Part two of our Rising Senior Camp coverage, this time focusing on the defense and kickers with reports on many campers, including Vladimir Richard, Demetrius Morley (our Camp MVP), Bryan Evans, and much more. (Pictured: Vladimir Richard going through Country Drills by Coach Locksley).


Vladimir Richard, Piper HS (FL) - "Vlad the Impaler" as the GCers have nicknamed him, has never disappointed in my book. In a consensus of the group I was in, Vlad is most certainly in the top 5 kids in the entire camp. Great agility and quickness for his size, he will be a baller for someone on the college gridiron.

Justin Mincey, Charlton Cty HS (GA) - Justin was much bigger than he looks on film. He seems like he may be just a little over weight at this time, but he still is an impressive looking specimen. I have had him pegged at DE forever, but at his current weight he may just grow into a DT bookened. I understand that some have him projected there anyway, but watching the guy play, he looks like a DE to me.


Gerald Williams, Boyd Anderson HS (FL) - A huge and impressive LB prospect from south Florida that didn't disappoint. His 40 wasn't all that great, still he has a huge frame and can move very well. He is such a big kid, it is possible he gets moved to the line of scrimmage, but he runs well enough in space, he may stay at LB. Either way, this kid is a great player.

Phillip Dillard, Jenks HS (OK) - Impressive credentials, and I saw him make a couple of nice breaks on the ball during pass drills. Still, he looks a little too heavy and not quite limber at that weight. Would love to see this kid come in about 20 lbs lighter and see what he can do.


Demetrius Morley, Killian HS (FL) - I thought he was the MVP of the camp as did many others in attendance. He is probably the best player of any of the Florida camps this year. He has amazing ability to cover for a guy his size. He did get burned twice by OJ Murdock, but in 1 on 1 pass drills, the wide receiver should always win that battle. I think as a defensive back he caught more balls than all of the wide receivers except the three listed above. He was shutting people down and most project him as a safety. I think he can play corner in college. Did I say he was very good??

Bryan Evans, Ed White HS (FL) - An excellent runner, Bryan looked a step off today. We have seen much better from him and with his 40 race on Saturday, he gets included here. He has good feet and pretty good skills, but my observation was that he pulled up a little lame on his 2nd run of the 40 yesterday. Still, he will be a player.

Avery Atkins, Daytona Beach Mainland HS (FL) - To be honest, I didn't see him until very late. He missed the first day of the camp and I didn't get a bead on him. Still, I heard a few rumblings of how well he did, so we have to throw him in here.


The kickoff that had been anticipated for quite some time happened today. Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure there is one clear cut winner. Of the kickers in attendance, I think the 3 that stood out were:

Andrew Friedman, Wright Prep, Mobile (AL)

Joe Surgan, St Thomas Aquinas (FL)

Ryan Succop, Hickory (NC)

I wish I could have paid more attention to see if there was a clear leader. I do know those above and a couple of others were impressive.

Other Notables………..

Unfortunately, under the camp's time constraints and in these settings, you just can't see enough of everyone to realize all of the talent on hand. Here is a look at some campers that I didn't get much of a look at, but heard some good things about:

QB - Bryan Babin, Tony Pastore, Reggie Rock,
RB - Craig James, Glen Coffee
WR - Cortez Gent, Nick Kyles, Eric Sledge,
TE - Stephen Gowland, Andrew McCain,
DL - Johnathan Holston
LB - Damaso Munoz
DB - Jarvis Kyles, Randy Phillips

And there were most certainly more.


The attendance was the largest for a Rising Senior Camp at the University of Florida so far. In the last 2 days over 130 campers signed up. Somewhere over 250 campers were in attendance.

As always, there were some guys that said they were coming and didn't make it. Some of them may be hurt by their absence but for some of them, it won't matter. I can think of at least 10 guys that have been interviewed and said they would attend and did not. Still, the talent on hand was nice, and I believe we have a legitimate shot at landing many of the big time players that were here at the camp. I look forward to covering this for you in the future, and certainly enjoyed the chance to do it this year.

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