Day 2: News & Notes from Rising Senior Camp, #1

<img src= align=right>After seeing the 40's and the showdown of the sprinters on Saturday which you had an opportunity to view in our photo gallery yesterday, the campers got down to some real nitty-gritty football today. To lead off the day the campers got a full taste of the County-Fair. (Pictured: Louis Murphy, O.J. Murdock, and Coach Fedora)

It's a 6-stage workout where they used cones, rope ladders, bags, and lots of running and agility exercises. They do this with about a 2 minute break in between each station. The County Fair is used to judge the relative strengths and weaknesses of the campers and also to warm them up for position drills.

They start out in individual drills with the coaches from each position on the staff and some small college coaches join in to run those drills. Again, they are eyeballing the talent on hand and they use specific drills that will help the kids in the future football endeavors and maybe open the eyes of our staff up to their potential.

After that they get into 1 on 1 action. Clearly, the most talent of the day fell in the DB / WR area of the field. The DBs and WRs, along with all of the QBs, showed off in front of the other players and the large contingent of family and friends in attendance.

Here's the campers we thought showed well:



Ryan Perrlloux (LA) - Definitely the biggest name in camp. The only let down is the fact he didn't participate in any of the speed or agility drills. Still, the guy is advanced beyond his years in the skills department. He can throw a frozen rope 40 yards or more. Rumor has it that he split someone's hand at the FSU camp and the guy bled all over the place.

Johnathan Garner, Daytona Beach Mainland HS - Was very impressive on Day 2. Kind of a surprise and a pleasant one at that. He has a pretty strong arm and a good motion. He drops back quick and fires the ball. Look for him to start getting some more talk in recruiting circles.

Ike Whittaker, Northwest HS - Not exactly sure If he is a QB at the next level, but an impressive athlete.

Chris Alexander, Sarasota Riverview HS - Excellent athletic QB that has a gun of an arm. I think this guy can find a place on the field somewhere in the SEC and it may just be at QB.


Briceton Wilson Wakulla HS - To be frank, the sheer talent just wasn't there this year at the RB position. Of all the kids that showed Briceton was the standout. Although I am not sure he had the best camp, he certainly showed some skills that the coaches are looking for. I heard he did 18 Bench reps and that isn't too bad for a RB.


Tommie DuHart, Belle Glades - Was the stand out tight end of the 2nd day of the Rising Senior Camp. He is pretty massive and I would say in the 6-3, 270 range. He could end up moving to a line position, but was still the best looking TE of the 2nd day.

Notable: Gabe McKenzie (AL) sure looked the part yesterday as reported. He didn't make it for the 2nd half of the camp and didn't work out today.


It's really difficult to try and get around and see everything in the camp, Offensive Line was particularly hard to see anyone that really stood out. If I had to pick one it was:

Byron Walton Jr. West Morgan HS - He has great size and looks like a pretty good athlete for his size. He is quick out of his stance and seems to follow through on blocks. This may be a guy to keep watching in the future. I remember Carlton Medder was not very impressive when he camped here a couple if years ago. Still he had good size and decent feet, inevitably it paid off for him and the Gators to be seen at camp.


One of the best positions in camp and it was led by 2 guys that finished in the top 4 of the 40 yard sprint on Saturday.

O.J. Murdock, Middleton HS - OJ won the sprint contest on Saturday. He is currently right at the top of the WR board right now. He displayed skills and speed all day both days. Whoever gets this star is going to land one hell of a recruit.

Carlos Thomas, Bannaker HS (GA) - Another member of the Fab 4 sprinters. Carlos is certainly at or near the top of the Gators' wish list at WR. He didn't disappoint at camp and in my opinion earned every bit of praise I have heard.

Louis Murphy, Lakewood HS (FL) - Tall receiver, I would put him in the 6-3, 180 range. Was a huge target that the QBs seemed to find easily. Always seemed to come down with the ball. Has good height and really a good build for this stage in his career. Not a guy that you hear a lot about, but someone I think could get a few looks in the near future.

Jason Harmon, Riverview HS (FL) A TE/WR tweener type that worked out with the WRs. I really liked this kid a lot. He was a little big and possibly a tad slow at WR, but a hell of an athlete that can possibly grow and turn into a good receiving TE. Also seemed to catch everything thrown his way.

See part two for an overview of the defensive side of the ball and the kickers along with more camp notes... Plus look for our photo galleries.

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