Day Two: Rising Senior Camp Gallery #1

<img src= align=right>Here's your action shots and stills of the campers at the Rising Senior Camp from this Sunday as we cover the action. Plenty of exclusive photos of this year's hottest high school prospects. PART ONE. (Pictured: Evans, Morley, and Atkins.)

Jonathan Garner gets ready to let one go.

This was a great matchup all day. Murdock(white) beat Morley twice, but the offense should win the one on one battles.

Bryan Evans covers Eric Sledge.

Morley as a wide receiver zooms past Randy Phillips.

Here you see Perrilloux about to throw a comeback route to his receivers. There was a sideline wipe out on this play.

Sarasota Riverview QB, Christopher Alexander is about to self hike for a drill.

Left to right, Bryan Evans, Demetrius Morley, and Avery Atkins. That would be one hell of a DB class huh?

Vladimir Richard and his buddy, Gerald Williams. Yikes!!!

Anyone know who the guy in white is? ;) I'm surprised at how big he is.

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