Early Morning Summer Workout Photos

<img src=http://www246.pair.com/autoybkh/albums/album97/Lights.thumb.jpg align=right>The full squad meets 4 mornings a week to work out and they start before the sun comes up. They are voluntary workouts, but the strength coaches and trainers are required to be there for health and saftey reasons. The participation has been 100% so far. I don't think I have seen one player look like he is not in shape. I hope you enjoy the pics - I'm making an effort to get shots of everyone.

Bunce - he was the strongest guy on the team. Could it be Mr. Tartt now?

Degory leads the pack.He always leads the O-Line down the field.

Drew Miller looks like he's lost a little weight.

We all know how big Cohen (middle) is. Here's a shot to see the relative size of two freshmen. Derrick Harvey (left) and Michael Brown (right).

Harvey and Cohen finish one of the laps.

Mangold is in pretty good shape, obviously.

Ray McDonald and Mike Mangold wait for their turn.

Jim Tartt finishes a lap and that's Coach R's Patella to the left.

Stephen Rissler takes a breather.

The team huddles up after every practice.

Jason Watkins (left) and Drew Miller.

Everyone under the early morning lights stretching out before their workout.

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