BREAKING NEWS: Gators land 4 new commits!

The Florida Gators got a huge boost in their recruiting class this evening with the addition of four big time prospects and we were able to confirm this by talking to each and every prospect earlier tonight. Read on and get the REAL inside scoop!

In an unprecedented day in the annals of Florida Gator recruiting, four major prospects all committed to the University of Florida and Coach Ron Zook in one evening, giving the Gators a big haul in just one day - more than half a year away from National Signing Day!

The newly committed Florida Gators are: Avery Atkins, Demetrius Morley, Gerald Williams, and Vladimir Richard.

Talk about a big time recruiting haul, folks. This is as big as it gets, especially this early in the season. We managed to get in touch with all four of them (and there may be more on the way but we were unable to confirm at this time). These are brief quotes - we'll get more in-depth with them later.

Avery Atkins: "I committed to the Florida Gators. Florida has always been my favorite school plus it's close to home. My homeboy Morley is coming too."

Demetrius Morley: "I can play anywhere in the country. Florida is right for me and I like the college town. There was no pressure and Coach Disch made me feel like… I'm ready to go, baby!"

Gerald Williams: "Me and my boy committed to Florida. Everybody was looking at Miami and we wanted to put Florida on the map. It's time for a change. I liked Coach Zook a lot - he emphasized grades first and said you can't be a great player unless you're a great student first."

Vladimir Richard: " Me and Gerald decided to commit to the University of Florida. We've been to campus together and we liked the coaches. We just decided and we were comfortable and the camp was good. I'm going to be a Gator."

We'll have more for you as we get more information, but in the meantime it's a great haul for Coach Zook and the Gators. Perhaps it's a portent of more good things to come...

From the Rising Senior Camp: Left to right, Bryan Evans, Demetrius Morley, and Avery Atkins.

Vladimir Richard and his buddy, Gerald Williams.

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