FOOTBALL: Summer Workout Report 7/13

<img src= align=right>It was a very poor turnout today. I didn't count but maybe a little over 20 players showed up. I believe this is the first Tuesday practice that actually happened due to previous weather conditions, so maybe there are a lot of class problems. I'm not sure. As usual, this is free to show you why Gator Country is the place to be for Gator coverage - no bragging; just the facts. (Pictured: Dee vs. Dallas)

Chris Leak did not have a good day throwing the ball. He was really off and throwing the ball in the dirt a lot. I think I counted at least 4. The low balls were when it was thrown underneath, which seemed to be a lot. However, no one can be perfect every day.

Dee Webb made a nice pick on a slightly overthrown ball.

One problem for Leak was the coverage was really good today. It looks like the DBs were playing tight on the receivers all day.

Catch of the day was to Mike McIntosh, who got by Reynaldo Hill.

Second best catch was a pass to Brian Crum in traffic, he came out streaking to the end zone.

A nice little scuffle broke out between Channing and Markell. Cooler heads prevailed in just a few minutes.

One thing that I have discerned is that when we go into a nickel defense, Jarvis Herring slides from the free safety spot and into the nickel. Terrance Holmes then slides into the free safety position.

One of the funniest moments was Crowder giving Siler a hard time about leaving his shirt tucked in. Siler didn't budge and left it that way.

Photo Galleries coming! Look out for them.

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